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5NL 6max playing 1/2 stack off 50bb is this possible

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  • 5NL 6max playing 1/2 stack off 50bb is this possible

    Playing a regular table half stack, I decide to do this because the table pool very rarely covers me. Odds I should be full stacked or buy-in 250bb just in case two good hands butt heads?

    No reads on villain a short stack like me, not seen show down on previous hands.

    So over to you. Do you see something wrong with the original raiser's bet sizing flop, turn and river?

    Can this be a good read or marginal to bluff a better hand?

    The turn is the most important value bet but now with a blank river, so... madness?

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    Bet sizes do look weak Forrest but the 5 on the river is actually an odd card to check raise all in; we are hoping that the villain will fold some 9x, 88, 77, 66, 44. So it's marginal imo especially when we are OOP so I guess it must have been something that you creativily came up with OTR which was not planned out throughout the hand since you check OOP and can't expect villain to bet river with bluffs or SD value hands But I think I'll go back to the preflop line. KQs would make a better call in the blinds I think but here with KQo we have a nice spot for a squeeze


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      Thanks George,

      Actually I was planning my creativity on the turn after checking and seeing the 2nd weak bet when a club draw hit. A slight alteration to my K with a marker pen, now I have the Kc.

      How would you play the 2nd nuts, is my opponent hand reading and what size should the x/r be? I was in a bit of a quandary jamming may look a bluff and I don't want to give that impression. Also a bit suicidal making it smaller and getting the bad news.

      So the river is a perfect card. OK if it checks behind they win but if another silly small bet it just looks fishy and an opportunity for me to represent a hand.



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