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Zoom vs Normal tables

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  • Zoom vs Normal tables


    I just wanted to know you guys thoughts on this.

    Which one you think is better to improve your game, learn, and move up the stakes and play solid ?

    Zoom tables or Normal tables ?

    I heard in many places people saying that Zoom tables 'are not good to learn'. I wanted to know you guys thought on the Pros and Cons of both of them.

    For me:

    *Can get games running instantly
    *You can stop to review some hand and then continue playing
    *Obviously it's easier to have volume
    *You don't develop the 'feeling of the table' where you make adjustments to the players

    -Normal Tables:
    *You develop a 'game flow'.
    *Sort of easier to exploit opponents by adjusting to the table faster then them.
    *Not that easy to have volume easily
    *You have to wait the BB when sit at a table.

    Hope to create a good discussion here and have some thoughtful insights.


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    I don't really have much to add to your post to be honest. I'll wait to hear others chime in umbup:


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      You generally have a lower winrate at zoom.


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        Well I like zoom because of the volume. However not just because I want to play a lot of hands to have a better hourly, but because of all the post flop situations I have to deal with. I think I've learned a lot last year because of this.

        I also think a con of zoom is that people tend to play tighter (maybe even an understatement) especially at the lower stakes 10NL and below. So I find it sometimes harder to make money as 3betting will fold out a lot and it feels like it's only profitable with a premium holding KK+, AK. I must say that this changes again at the 50NL zoom table. Where there is a lot more 3/4 betting going on.


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          Good points so far, don't find much to add myself.

          I definitely disagree to the "Zoom is not good to learn" statement, in fact I feel it's quite the opposite. In Zoom you can't dodge certain types of players through table draw (nits, lags, tougher regs especially) so you will have to eventually learn dealing with each and everyone of them if you want to be a decent winner. At regular tables you can just stay out of each other's way and stop people from interfering with what makes your personal gameplan most successful.

          Zoom forces you to construct a different model and adjust your ranges in such a way that not only you can exploit your opponents but also different types of villains can't exploit you too much.
          Live Trainer


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            Also you can table select the regular ones, you can find tables up to 2 times looser than zoom.
            atleast 2nl-5nl


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              Hi fp!

              I play both formats. I like Zoom for practicing and improving what I have already learned through the large volume of hands that we get to play against a variety of players. With Zoom I want to improve my fundamental game.

              I play regular tables when taking shots at higher levels. I can table select. I get to watch every hand play out creating notes and reads faster. This is great practice for my reading skills, and I have the time to think through every decision. Here I often try new lines and base my choices to a larger extent on my read on the particular villain. On regular tables I want to expand my game by learning new things. I do avoid problems in the manner Felix described though. I play against the fish and avoid the sharks.

              Roland GTX


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                How many zoom tables do you usually play, and how many regular tables you play when you switch between the two? Do you open as many regular tables as needed to match the volume you were making on zoom?


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                  Originally posted by Praydk View Post
                  How many zoom tables do you usually play, and how many regular tables you play when you switch between the two? Do you open as many regular tables as needed to match the volume you were making on zoom?
                  I used to 4 table Zoom Praydk, but found I was making habitual mistakes at that volume playing close to 1000 hands an hour. At 25NL I now play two Zoom tables. At 50NL regular tables, I open two, but as soon as I have a clear fish that I can exploit, I close the other table and focus all my attention on the one table. Right now, Im not concerned with volume, just playing solid poker and breaking some of my bad habbits. Also, I dont play both formats simoutaniously. Most of my sessions are Zoom, but at least one session each week is on a regular table. I talk about this in my Goals thread.


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                    I generally play 4 Zoom tables or 8 regular tables. Seems to equate to roughly the same amount of hands etc. the only difference is that you occasionally have 8 decisions to make in a row, but usually they are pre-flop decisions, and fairly straightforward.

                    I think most of the important stuff is covered above.

                    Zoom, to me, is better for mechanical players who are more disciplined.


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                      One of the cons people usually talk about with Zoom is that since you're not playing with the same opponents every time it gets harder to have some notes on them, but if you have a tracking software then that is no longer a problem since it continues recording even after you fast folded.

                      I used to play 2NL on regular tables but made the switch to Zoom and I'm pretty happy with the volume of play.

                      I agree that people usually get a little nitty but there are also plenty of fish out there



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