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16nl fr spr question

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  • 16nl fr spr question

    Do I have to call the preflop raise or would it have been better to get it all in preflop due to the spr that would be on the flop. Have I played this hand ok due to spr. I'm committed, right?

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    Originally posted by tonydolphin View Post
    Do I have to call the preflop raise or would it have been better to get it all in preflop?
    At FR, I dont think you need to do either, in all honesty. Would you be happy taking the same line here with TT which is only a marginally worse hand?

    Personally, the 4bet from the blinds looks very very strong, I'm a relative nit but I wouldnt feel the slightest bit ashamed of folding pre to the 4bet or to the flop cbet. Unless there is some read that the 4bettor is doing so with a lot less than JJ.

    By the river (And possibly even on the turn) we are only beating bluffs as lower pocket pairs, with the exception of 8's, who wouldn't take the same line as villain, are ahead of us. All higher starting pairs are still ahead.

    EDIT: All the money went in on the turn of course, I'd still be fairly certain I was behind here though, as I was already thinking on the flop.
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      I wouldn't even expect Villain 1 to take this preflop line with anything less than KK.

      I also would prefer calling pre given the positions the raises came from.

      Given we did squeeze, we are getting 4.4:1 calling the 4b (call $1.2 to win $5.27) with decent implied odds for stacks if we bink a set.

      I'd call his 4b purely for setmining purposes and fold if we don't hit.


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        Hi tony,

        I think this is a pretty clear call preflop rather than 3B squeeze. You haven't given reads, but we have an UTG open and UTG+1 flat, without reads I think this is a spot where if we make a big squeeze, we only get action from the parts of UTG's range that we don't play well against, and fold out any light stuff (if he even has any UTG). I would 3b for value vs. loose-gooses, but without that read I think we do much better flatting in position here.

        The cold 4 from the big blind really looks super strong here. And it's such a small reraise, it seems to be begging for action. I don't think we should give it, so 5-bet ripping it in pre seems unattracive. Let's look at the price since the sizing is so small... we have to call 1.20 more to see a flop, if we consider set mining I look for implied odds of 15-1 so we'd need to win 18 on average when we flop a jack. There's 5.27 in the pot already and we have another 13.20 to win after the flop so 18.47 gives us just over 15-1. We can profitably set mine. That means treating our JJ like 33 post flop, but it's proftable calling to try and flop a jack on the price he's given.

        When he bombs the flop, we don't have a jack, so treat it like 33 and just fold now imo. Without any reads other than the action in this hand, the small sized cold 4-bet + pot sized flop lead is enough to sell me on him having KK or AA.

        Edit: I agree with birdayy lol
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