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16nl fr spr question

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  • 16nl fr spr question

    Am I right in saying that with a spr of 3 on this flop I have to call any shove. If this is correct am I also right in saying if I'm prepared to call a shove I'm better off being the 1 doing the shoving. Sorry villian the 3better is 14/11/3 over 664 handsthe BB is 45/30/6 over 48 hands
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    I really like to know the opinion of the experts in this one. I get in this kind of situations a lot and never really know what to do. So, with the risk of sounding complety moronic, this is what i think :

    Don't know the math or if you "have to" stack off due to spr here, but my gut says that there is no way that my JJ is ahead in this spot. AA, KK, QQ is easily in villains 3bet range. I don't really see him c-bet AK in a inflated pot multiway. Does he 3-bet 10s in the sb and play it this strong? Don't think so. Also, even if you are ahead here, with this kind of flop i don't see JJ ending up winning this hand in the river that many times. Maybe with some stats on villains, JJ is a good hand to get it in pre. It sucks really bad to fold an overpair to only one bet, but my nit side says to just fold flop and do some damage control. I have no idea what the cold caller range is. Can't ever figure what this guys cold call 3bets OOP.


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      JJ would the towards the bottom of my 4b/call range pre here given the dead money in the pot.


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        Hi tony,

        It's a tricky spot for sure. I really don't like 4-betting here... I think we can flat and set mine profitably, given that we have the right price vs. the nit, and a very loose guy to provide additional comp. And if we 4b, I think we always have to fold to a 5b shove from such a nitty villain, which loses us the opportunity to set mine profitably.

        Although the SPR is low, I do not think we can profitably commit here in a 3 way pot vs. a very strong range in V2. Additionally the pot is protected somewhat by the presence of the super loose fishy BB... meaning it's less likely he's simply following through with air. So when V2 does fire a monotone board into both of us, I think his range will consist of mostly QQ+, AsKs, and AsKx, which we do horribly against. Just fold directly on the flop.
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          Villian 2 had a7s(spades) that really took me by surprise. Villian 3 had AKo.



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