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2nl Zoom - AT

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  • 2nl Zoom - AT

    Hi guys, Could you please analyse my hand below. When raised on the river, could be a made flush or a slow-played set. Maybe a better Ax hand. Cheers, Pullin

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    Standard bet-fold all the way. Many players would call the minraise on the river thinking "I have such great pot odds", but I just don't think you're good here anywhere near as often as you need to be. Well played.
    Bracelet Winner


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      I usually check-fold river. But i like that kind of block bet you made. Never use it in my game, thought. Don't really feel confortable with it.


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        Cheers guys.

        I'm glad I am playing more optimally in these situations.




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          I like the way you played this hand, but I think the river isn't a clear bet/fold.

          You could have probably sized the turn a bit bigger, you're giving him a half-decent price to call with his flush draw by only betting half pot. I'd probably bet something like $0.25-$0.30 but I don't think it's a huge deal.

          This is a pretty thin value bet that you make on the river, you've got to hope villain calls with A6-A9 to make this a worthwhile play, that's a pretty narrow range of hands. I think this play might work on this villain because he looks like a calling station, limping the button and that this is 2NL makes it more likely he plays most of his hands passively.

          If we had AQ/AK I'd be more happy taking this bet/fold line. However AT is a borderline check/fold IMO. The advantage of the check/fold line is that he will likely check back most of his Ax one-pair hands, some of which beat us. I think villain would also often check back A5, A3 and A2 and just see a showdown. It also allows villain to bet some small amount (which they often do) which we can call and would be cheaper than the bet/fold line.

          As played you make a good fold to his min-raise.



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