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2 NL Zoom QQ from UTG facing flop donk with top set

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  • 2 NL Zoom QQ from UTG facing flop donk with top set

    Big Blind is an unkown for the most part but he has played 5 out of six hands, never for a raise pre-flop, 1.7 AgF post flop. I raise QQ, get called by BB, and flop top set. When he donks I think he is drawing, maybe has a worse set or some combination of two pair. His range is wide. Given he appears more passive than aggressive over the tiny sample, is there any other way of playing this hand, I do not possibly see that there is and that I am correct to stack off here as I am. Is there any merit at all for calling flop instead of working to get the money in now? I don't really want to see another suited/connected card, it could either kill me in the hand, or kill my action. EDIT: Suited/Connected cards obviously wouldnt actually kill me as I would still have FH outs but I would be working with less equity.
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    Well played.

    When you've flopped top set on such a wet board you should be very happy to get it all in OTF. Even against the nuts (KJ) you still have 38% equity.

    I also think he's taking this line with flush draws, maybe pair + straight draws and also lower sets, which you obviously crush.


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      Ok, thanks Andy.

      Villain did indeed have KJ. Thankfully, I turned Quads. Didn't feel too bad about it but made a little sense to ask. See these boards fairly often with top set, they usually havent flopped the nuts on me though.


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        Well played. Can i ask you why are you not opening 3x utg? Is there some reasoning behind or is just a open that you fancy?


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          It's just an open that I fancy but there is some method to it.

          I'll be truthful though and say that I started using this size when I started playing 5NL FR some time back, and also 10NL FR, and while at 2NL the 2.6x is rounded to 5c at 5NL it is 13c and 10NL it is 26c. It might not seem like a lot but it allows me to open for cheaper prices. I can still manipulate the pot post-flop if I am going for value.

          I did play around with opening to a bigger size UTG specifically for a while but I am not sure it made any difference to the amount of calls/folds I got. UTG I am supposed to be opening a tighter range anyway so opening big doesnt seem to offer much apart from to make it more likely for people to fold. I dont want them to fold, I want to get a caller, or two.

          I'm open to being persuaded that there is an optimal opening size from UTG but I am not convinced right now. There is good theory behind opening smaller on the button because its often a light range but that reason doesnt carry across to opening bigger from early, at least in my eyes.


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            Good points, but maybe too advanced to 2NL Zoom? At 2Nl Zoom i like to open my premium hands with bigger bets. I do this also when i'm stealing. I don't think that anyone is noticing this betting patterns zooming 2NL. One or two regulares can notice it, but that's not a big of a problem. So i bluff/steal in the button with a min raise, and i 3x AA in the same spot. Always 3x utg, but i think i'm gonna give it a try with other sizes to see what gives. Here's a link on this subject that you might find interesting:




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