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10NL 6-max Zoom QQ

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  • 10NL 6-max Zoom QQ

    Hi, Mp and BT are unknown. CO is playing 20/15/6 over 285 hands. SB is playing 15/11/4 over just 74 hands. Should I have shove pre-flop (shoving is better thank just squeezing, I guess) ? It was the first hand of the session, so I wasn't feeling that aggressive lol. I should have donked the flop, but I was pretty sure someone had a set there. On the turn I folded since the SB obviously has a set. Cheers!

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    Definitely prefer to squeeze preflop for value. You might even get someone to think you're just bluffing and get them to shove on you light which would be a great result! I'd make it about $1.50. Shoving is unnecessary and you risk folding out some of the worse hands that might call vs a squeeze like worse pocket pairs. You definitely don't want to be playing a pot 5-handed OOP with QQ though.

    These MW are extremely tricky to play. However I think you should be donkbetting this flop for value vs lower PPs and flush draws. Also you don't mind folding out worse hands and just taking the pot down here. Because of the wet flop and the fact that it's 5-way, it's very likely that it will just check around which is bad news. If you check, I guess you just have to give up on your hand if people start betting on the flop and I think QQ is too strong a hand to be giving up with.

    I actually don't mind the fold on the turn because people tend to play more honestly multi-way but I think you've played your hand too weakly by not raising preflop and not betting on the flop. You could also call the turn and re-evaluate the river but I don't think the turn is the main decision point of this hand.



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