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2nl 6 Max zoom - JJ on flushy straighty horribly terrible board

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  • 2nl 6 Max zoom - JJ on flushy straighty horribly terrible board

    Bet 3 streets with an overpair for value, any check slow down here? Ads

  • #2
    I would play it the same, looking for value from big tens, pocket 8s and 9s, just an unlucky run out.


    • #3
      Looks standard to me. Just put villain all in on the river. Most of the time, he has Tx. If he was deeper, the river might be a bet-fold, but with these stacks, villain is committed on the turn, so I'm shoving just about every river.
      Bracelet Winner


      • #4
        Hi ads! I pretty much agree with the others. Normally I discount the threat of a flush after getting called on a rainbow flop.

        However, I generally play single pairs a bit more carefully, especially against an unknown villain. I don't expect to get 3 streets of value, only 2. So, I either bet-bet-check or bet-check-bet. This keeps the pot under control in case I'm behind, yet still gets me decent value. Here we get called on a fairly dry flop. Since Im not too concerned about drawing hands getting a free card, I would often check the turn with the intention of betting the river. On a wet board I would more often bet the turn. Here I think it can go either way since any Q, K or A, 10 or 7 is going to be bad for us.

        As played, Im not sure about the river bet as a thin value bet. Flushes although unlikely did just get there. Trip 3s are crushing us as well as full houses and 89 just made a straight. Do we still expect 10x, 7x or pocket pairs that we are beating to call here? Are there any hands beating us that will fold? I prefer to check the river and am satisfied if the villain checks behind, but am probably calling a smallish bet.

        GL and have fun at the tables!

        Roland GTX


        • #5
          I doubt too many villains at 2NL are folding Tx, - top pair is the nuts to a lot of these players. It's also not impossible for villain to show up with 76 here and think that he's hit a meaningful two pair on the river.

          If the stacks were deeper, I'd agree with Roland that betting this river for value might be thin, but even then I'd probably rather take a bet/fold rather than a check/call line. Although maybe I'm just wrongly assuming that all 2NL players are fish that never fold top pair.



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