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5NL 6-max Zoom AJs

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom AJs

    Hui, villain is playing 29/24/25 over just 34 hands. BB is playing 30/27/10 over just 27 hands. Pre-flop I think it's a standard 3B since the BB could squeeze here, and we're on the SB. If i was on the BB I could consider calling. The river is a check fold ? Or have I misplayed this hand even earlier ? lol Cheers!

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    Sorry, this is 10NL and NOT 5NL.


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      I think sometimes I check/shove OTT , to have max fold equity and I think our hand has enough equity , even against straights.


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        Yeah, I thought about check shove the turn as well.
        But on the river I tink we have to check fold.

        Does he's range include to many Qx type of hands on the river ?


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          hey fp_boss I would have check-called the flop and if I bet the flop I would have check-called the turn! I guess I am just a passive station like that. But I don't want to be blown off a hand and I don't think we really want to inflate the pot out of position on this texture. Especially especially on this turn card. I don't mind betting the flop, but I think we want to see our backdoor clubs. On the turn now that backdoor clubs have born some fruit, er, clubs, we shouldn't risk losing the chance to crack the top of our villain's range. Also, this is a scary card to the middle and bottom of our villain's range, so we could fold out the hands we beat and get called by the hands that beat us. All those things go into turn check-call in my opinion. What is the point of check-raise all-in on the turn? Have enough fold equity against what? Only worse hands fold the turn after betting, unless its like a JT type hand, which is unlikely to bet. I think we should check-call and check-call any club J/A river and then the rest really depend on villain. But often check-folding will be the ticket on a heart or a coordinating card to the board. umbup:


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            Hey Gareth, thanks man!

            But our hand is strong enough on the turn to check call a bet ? And not rely on fold equity ?

            Are we going to call a brick river ? Because if not, then we're hoping to hit our draw (being only like 4:1). Then check calling is not profitable I think.

            I got confused now, for me the turn looked like a great card. If it was any other suit Q I'd slow down. I thought I should keep betting.



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