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KK from UTG NL50

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  • KK from UTG NL50

    This hand was played by my mate on poker-stars from another forum .As we both respect your opinions, would like to hear what would you do OTT?
    Villain is unknown .
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    id be calling here, villain didnt raise flop which means a set is less likely (if you had a set in villains spot would you feel comfortable flatting there?)

    there are plenty of hands we beat that can take this line, straight and flush draws, combo hands like Jxdd or JT JQ etc, 33 is unlikely

    i think KK will play well against his range here, and whatever he has you can make a note for future reference


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      Yh im sure some players will slow play a set on the flop HU but not multi way i would just snap him off and wouldnt be to bothered if he does show up with a set.

      Its not like hes flatting the flop with 33 or he has some freak two pair with the 3 in it.


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        would be nice to have some info on the villain, cause I think against many villains this can be a profitable fold (not sure if the phrasing is right "profitable fold" sounds a bit weird :-)".

        There are not a lot of pure draws in villains range, so he need to shove some pair plus draw hands here to make a call profitable imo and not all villains do that here. Furhtermore I dont think it would be that uncommon to just flat a set or a flopped straight OTF for many villains to disguise there handstrength since raising that flop in that situation looks excactly like set or better.

        What furthermore makes me hesitant to favour a call here is that your line looks super strong (AJ or better imo):
        - UTG raise
        - multiway flop and double barrel anyway
        - big betsizes

        so I dont think the villain thinks he has a ton of fold equity here espicially on this brick turn.

        so all in all I dont think vs an unknown villain who does not have a fishy stacksize a fold is bad here. I would check if he is multitabling first by rightklicking his potrait and if he is multitabling or hiding his table information and therefore more likely to be a "thinking" reg, I think fold is allright here.


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          I like the betting line and would play it the same against unknown villains.

          Since hero was the UTG Opener and bet hard into 3 callers on a superwet board I do not expect the average 50NL player to be shoving a blank turn on anything less than hands that beat us. Would not exclude flop slowplays like sets and T8s either (he was the overcaller pre so that may well be in his range), as raising this kind of flop against such good flop action also looks very strong.

          OTT you seem more committed given your betsize which may encourage a shove to protect from nasty rivers (which both might kill his action or get you there against him).

          Something else to consider from a game theoretical perspective is you have all sets in your own betting range to call this off so b/f looks optimal with 1 pair hands here.
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            Thanks a lot .



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