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10NL 6-max, QQ

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  • 10NL 6-max, QQ

    Hello, I've been having a bad couple of days, loosing the big pots. So I was wondering about the following hand. Is it better to fold here, because I'm getting the feeling that every time I simply go for it I run in to better pairs. Questions: 1. Should I 4-bet prf? 2. If I 4-bet should I fold to a shove or just go with it? 3. Is it better this way, raising the flop and fold to a shove or should I just go with it? It's a zoom game, so I do have stats, but that's only from a few hands, so not very clear (he seemed pretty laggy, but what can you tell from 21 hand sample)

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    I don't mind 4bet get it in PF. There changed nothing OTF , I don't see reason for raise folding. as played I think I would call down any board without an A or a K.


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      Hi unha2011!

      With a good read on the villain we might be able to 4b preflop, but without a read I prefer flatting. You will have position on him postflop and it keeps his range wide. Your hand is too strong to 4b-fold against an unknown. So, rather than turning your hand into a bluff, just call and reevaluate on the flop.

      You get a low flop. It is less likely the villain has a set. So, he might have AQ, AK and think the str draw gives him some extra outs. Or, he too has an overpair to the board in which case you are beating all but KK and AA. He might even have air. Since you think he is laggy, we should expect him to c-bet most flops with most of his range. Since this board is pretty dry, it is safe to just call the flop bet. It keeps the villain's range wide. It lets him barrel again on the turn with all the pocket pairs that you are beating. And it keeps the pot under control which is important if you are uncomfortable in these situations.

      Similar to preflop, why turn our hand into a bluff by raise-folding the flop. There is a good chance that you are ahead. Personally, I don't like getting all my chips in postflop with just a pair. I would prefer to call the flop bet rather than raising.

      GL and have fun at the tables!
      Roland GTX


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        Roland, but are you folding any street if an A or a K don't come? Altought keeping pot under control with a call, you are gonna play for all the stack in the river with villains big bets.
        Last edited by MrFlopes; Fri Jan 17, 2014, 02:43 PM.


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          I want to reevaluate on each street, but if the t and r are uninteresting cards AND the villain doesn't make his bets too large, then Im probably not folding. All that I know right now is that I don't want to raise-fold such a strong hand preflop, or on such a low dry flop. Sure the villain will have a set or overpair sometimes, but there are more hands like AJ, AQ, AK or 66-JJ in his range that we are beating.


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            MrFlopes, we are only on the flop right now and have two streets to go. Many villains will bet the flop (assume we call), bet the turn, then check the river if they start having doubts. Or, bet-check-bet. Just because they 3b preflop and lead out on the flop, doesn't mean they will be barreling every street with a potsized bet. We can make a more informed decision on the next street since we have position. Do they bet? How much do they bet? etc etc.

            If you have more history withthe villain and believe he will stack off with the hands you are beating, then raising pre or on the flop becomes a better option since it becomes a value raise (we want to get all in), rather than a bluff (where we intend to fold).

            I like to play pretty safe in readless spots until I have a strong made hand, stronger than "just a pair".

            I hope my line makes sense



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              Thx for the evaluation and replies umbup:


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                Yeah, Roland, it makes sense. I see a lot of villains bombing the flop and then just simply giving up on the turn. It's a good thing to somehow predict how the hand will develope, but we should only commit to a decision in the right street with the best information.


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                  Call pre, call flop, fold turn if you don't improve.
                  Raising the flop gets you value-owned (worse hands don't pay off, so you end up playing a bloated pot with the worst hand), and raise-folding is akin to "raising for info", which is a leak.
                  Bracelet Winner



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