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5NLz 6max - My tweet boom note

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  • 5NLz 6max - My tweet boom note

    Made a note back to myself to get the boom link, at the time happy with flat calling in bb and flop raise and even happier to check it down.

    Note on this hand:
    Tight passive btn open not 3betting AK bb, ok with flop raise

    The note (villain tight passive, I don't re-raise AK) read is the btn is a limper but now raises the btn into me. So need to be tight and I plan to x/r if I hit. Gets interesting with a tiny 3-bet flop?

    OK happy we see a least expensive showdown but don't understand my opponent, or should I 3-bet ignoring the read?

    PS. The replay shows a muck, I think because my opponent could bet when I check river. So showdown was in hh?

    1) I pair
    2) Missed draw
    3) Or 2 close broadways
    Last edited by ForrestFive; Fri Jan 17, 2014, 10:38 AM. Reason: explain note and give muck clues

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    Hi Forrest!

    I take you don't have a HUD running on villain?
    I would expect even a tight opponent to loosen up their opens from the BTN, so I'm more inclined to be 3betting here. Also because they are passive we might be losing a street of value when we hit TP and they check back or something.

    As played, I'm not sure I like x/r flop because it would put us in an awkward spot if they come over the top. I'd prefer a x/c. When the turn pairs and they check back, I think we can go for some thin value and fold to a river raise I think since we're probably going to call a river bet anyways we might as well put the bet out ourselves to get value from an AJ, AT type of hand.


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      Originally posted by ForrestFive View Post
      So need to be tight and I plan to x/r if I hit.
      This has me scratching my head. Check-raising would make sense if you were set-mining, hoping to stack an overpair, but with AK, the "value hand" you're most likely to make on the flop is TPTK. Check-raising with one pair doesn't make a whole lot of sense, since it will make worse hands fold (so you don't get value) and usually only get action from better hands (sets and two pairs). In effect, raising allows villain to play perfectly, which is the last thing you want, since you make money from an opponent's mistakes.
      Top pair on a dry board is either way ahead or way behind, so you shouldn't be bloating the pot with a raise. When there's no flush draw, I much prefer check-calling with one pair. Keep the pot small, and narrow villain's range by seeing what he does. You can station him if he bets every street, or you can value-bet the river if he checks back the turn.
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        Thanks for the replies guys,

        Yes no HUD, villain observed has open limped before so a "Dark Blue" label if they are so passive limping over calling this goes to "Orange". Generally in Zoom 6-max I expect open raisers "Red" will fill the table.

        However this is 2c/5c (here's a hand I just played) and I can mix things up with this generalized fishy read. Also I never top up because that is my decision and do play off 1/2 stack (50bb) on regular tables.

        Also I tend to do things to what imo is a professional line "checking to original raiser". So what I expect to happen generally does. Without a HUD I don't know my opponents c-bet% but I expect them to do so. Hence when oop in the nano stakes a x/flop raise is something I like to do. In position I call the donks once or twice and then decide. Was my read correct in the first place?

        Anyway just explaining my backward style. Now to the hand...

        What value do you get in the bb 3betting AK into a wide btn open? Non if they fold. All I expect with my read is that they may fold.

        Now my value comes from the check to the original raiser and raising their c-bet. All I expect again is that they will c-bet and they do.

        All correct now. Didn't fold them out pre and got my value OTF. Now it could go so bad being shoved on but what do we get a click back?

        So it is getting a bit scary on the turn with a Q pairing the board. So I can get away from this but what "thin" value am I getting betting the turn? Non, I'm never being called by worse and the same on the river.

        Getting value from AJ,T,9,8,7 is a good point - if they call. Going back to the read I don't expect them to call worse.

        Just giving a different point of view so you guys can see into my warped brain.

        PS. villain had black JTo
        Last edited by ForrestFive; Sat Jan 18, 2014, 05:57 AM. Reason: typos and villain's hand



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