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5Nl 6-max Zoom 56s BB

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  • 5Nl 6-max Zoom 56s BB

    Hi, villain seemed pretty fishy due to stack sizes. Flop is a standard call with 2ndP and backdoor FD, especially blind vs blind. The turn is a good card. Fish doesn't necessarily have K here on their ranges. So I decided to shove over the top, since calling is bad, and I can't fold. Against his range here consisting or 33,66, Kx and other crap. I have at least 24% equity against his range. By shoving I risk 2.27 to win 0.85+1.42+0.90 (his bet + stack left + pot) 5:44:2.27 2.4:1 or 41% equity. Which makes the shove good I guess. Besides the times when he folds and I win the pot for. Is my thought process good here ? Cheers!

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    It's fairly close as you only have around 35% Equity when called by most better hands but I don't like shoving as I feel villain will not be folding much. I guess shoving will be breakeven at best, so I would just call here and probably even sometimes not fold on rivers with our bluffcatcher.
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      I made teh calculation wrong.

      By shoving I risk 2.27 to win 0.85+1.42+0.90 (his bet + stack left + pot)
      or 41% equity

      to get the $5.44 I added my bet as well to the pot that I'd win, to calculate the odds. Otherwise would just be $3.17. Which one is the right to calculate your pot odds (implied of course) ?


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        Hi fp,

        The guy is only starting with 54bb's, just fold preflop... if he's raise/folding blind v blind a lot then 3-betting him is ok, otherwise fold, we have an implied odds hand that benefits from fold equity post flop and getting paid big when we hit it hard, so we need a bigger stack to attack.

        Post flop is not a good read imo. You have no read other than his stack size and his actions in the hand. And his actions have shown a ton of strength. Not raising blind v blind necessarily, but he potted the flop and got called on a dry board... you will have a lot of KQ/KJ/KT/66/33 in your range here. And he's responded to this by potting the turn, which looks committing on his short stack. So I think fold equity is near zero here, and shoving is much worse than calling. It seems like he's strong enough to give us the rest of his stack when we suck out, so there's no reason to offer him the full double up when we miss, we can have our cake and eat it too with a call... bust him when we improve and save 2.27 when we don't.
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