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25NL FR Zoom: Middle pair vs overly aggressive villain

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  • 25NL FR Zoom: Middle pair vs overly aggressive villain

    I have about 400 hands on this guy. He runs 16/15 with an 18% 3bet and 100% c-bet! I also had a note on him from a hand where I flopped a set after calling his pf 3b and he barreled every street with A5s with nothing but air. Since his 3b was on the small side and I had position, I decided to call and continue calling on the remaining streets. This seemed the best way to keep his range wide and let him barrel again with air. This worked out nicely for me, but is my preflop call too loose? He plays the hands he plays very too agressively, but his opening range is not overly loose. Also, even against this guy does calling the turn and river with middle pair seem ev+? I felt a bit as though I was ignoring the action and basing my line on a one previous instance. Thanks! Roland GTX

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    pre im calling aswell it so litle and it has allot of potential if we miss we can always fold and if we catch something and if he barrels that only better because that means we get paid if we hit so pre flop i really like the call.
    and yeah when i was looking at the turn i really fel like folding eventhough he barreld before but i think you have better reads on him then me so not going to say to much abou that.

    btw this is just my oppinion and im no cash player so dont take this to serious :P
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      Hi Greg,

      Given the read you have, and this line choice, I think we have to call down on a benign run out like this. The tricky part about this line is that there will be a lot of non-benign run outs for our holding, so we have to be prepared to deal with that.

      I think we should have a call down range here, and a flop raising range. I would like my call down range to include good bluff catchers, maybe that have back door equity or hands that are fairly safe from free cards (here we are not safe from free cards, but do have some back door equity to compensate). A hand like 44 would be a great example of a hand to simply call with to allow him to barrel off his air, as we are fairly safe from free cards (in particular, overs making a pair like we are vulnerable to here and don't know which if any hit him... with a set of 4's we don't care). So with a set I would call, call, raise all in on this run out.

      For a flop raising range, I would chose some bluffs/semi-bluffs, preferably ones with outs if we get called, and some medium strength hands that are particularly vulnerable to a lot of run outs. This hand is somewhat close to the latter category, but stuff like 55, 77, T8, 57 would be good examples.

      Cliffs: Your line is fine vs. this villain as described.
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