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2NL FR Zoom - AQo on the BTN vs limp callers

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  • 2NL FR Zoom - AQo on the BTN vs limp callers

    Actually asked the guy if he'd made a boat before folding

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    Difficult one. Looking forward to this analysis


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      Hi IBNash I like your line in this hand. It looks like we are betting for value up to the river. Now the passive player wakes up and makes a pot sized bet. In general, lines like the villains are strong hands not bluffs. We dont have a read to indicate otherwize. In particular, he calls the turn bet with four clubs on the board which looks like he either has a flush or has a set and cant find the fold button. So, what could he be betting with? Since the board paired, a full house does seem likely. Does his line fit with pocket 66 or 77? It does imo. He could also have a better flush than yours with x hands or even a straight flush. You need to win about a third of the time to make calling his potsized bet profitable. Readless, I don't know, but my gut says fold. I try to stay away from paying off in unclear spots. If you had the ace high flush, I think we could better justify calling since we are beating other flushes that could bet the river. As is, I like your fold. GL and have fun at the tables! Roland GTX


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        Sorry for not posting stats, he was 13/8 over 40ish zoom samples. He seemed like a nit who wasn't bluffing once the board paired.


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          What do people think about the merits of CBetting this flop?

          I'd certainly be CBetting with AcQs, so is it worth doing it with a Q-high flush draw and overcards or is it a waste of time because Kc/Ac will never fold?


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            I too am curious what others think about cbetting.

            @spand What are you hoping to achieve with the c-bet?

            I normally check back my entire range on monotone flops since they don't fit with too many hands and are very polarizing. In this partiular spot we have two opps and cant be sure we are drawing to a winning flush. We are sitting with an unmade hand that can improve on a later street. I prefer checking behind. It keeps the pot under control, it avoids getting check-raised, and we have potential to improve to a strong hand. I'm not saying this is the best line, it is just my approach.


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              I agree with most of what you say and I'd also lean towards just checking back this flop for the reason you said.

              However I'm not checking back my entire range on monotone boards. I think you should be CBetting all sets and small flushes before the board gets even more scary. I think CBetting Ac with a pair for value is worth doing. CBetting the bare Ac also helps to balance out your range so you're not only CBetting with made hands.


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                Good stuff Andy! I think you have revealed a potential weakness in my game. I don't know enough about playing monotone flops to have a nuanced view. I'll add it to my list of things to work on. Thanks




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