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25NL FR Zoom: River bluff after taking bad line

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  • 25NL FR Zoom: River bluff after taking bad line

    I only had 3 hands on the utg min-raiser and assumed he was not a reg and possibly opening with a wider range than a reg would from utg. The other callers were regs but fairly passive. I got enticed into making a loose complete by the string of callers even though I didn't have any plan for the postflop action. This felt like a mistake before I even made the call. With top pair on the flop I didn't know if I was ahead or behind, but again couldn't find the fold button. The same on the turn. I felt like I had played the hand from bad to worse on every street, but the third heart gave me a glimmer of hope. If the villain had a Qx (probably AQ or KQ) he might fold to a bet since my passive line could rep me chasing a flush. I didn't expect to have the best hand at showdown and decided that making a bluff bet would be my best chance of winning. Right now I feel like this is the worst hand Ive played in 2014. How bad was my line up through the turn, and what do you think of bluffing the river? Thanks! Roland GTX

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    Given the assumption you made on the villain, I think the river lead will not generate enough folds from TP+ and especially with that sizing as opposed to x/shoving. Villain has the option to call 1/2 pot and end the hand and weak opponents don't generally fold TP+ after they have bet flop and turn unless they are really nitty and scare to call down.

    Preflop I think I would have called too; squeezing might be too ambitious? I might take that line if the CO did not call though. Flop is a clear x/c I suppose: I can't find a good reason to lead or x/r. OTT we are now behind AA/KK/QQ/JJ, 44, 22, AQ, QJ and splitting with KQ but they could also be barreling with their FDs, AK, AT, KTs with some hearts or a hand like AhJh that has turned a pair. But their bet sizing kind of looks weak. The board is getting less dry yet they continue to bet small. Against {AA-JJ, 44, 22, AK, AQ, AJs, ATs, KQ, KJs, KTs, QJs} we have ~ 40% equity OTT but drops down to 34% by the river and that's because the hands that can barell turn have heart draws to go with them like AhKh, KhJh. So I agree that our hand does not look great by the river against the hands we ranged them on but I also think that leading river as a bluff will also not work too often to make it profitable. What hands are we looking to fold? AQ/KQ ? what about AA/KK/JJ/44/22, AhKh, KhJh, AhQh.


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      Thanks Geo!

      I prefer folding preflop myself. We are getting reverse implied odds if we hit a pair, and with unsuited connectors we aren't going to flopping straight draws that often. I usually am pretty disciplined preflop. Here I knew I should fold, but heard myself saying "what the heck, let's see a flop". KQo is definately in my squeezing range, but with an utg raiser and two callers, I didn't think it would get everyone to fold. Others might be comfortable playing this spot, but I was lost from the start.

      I think you are right about bluffing the river. But "what the heck", if I'm going to play poorly why not do it with style and spew even more chips on the river

      I think I got lucky here.

      Roland GTX


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        It played just like an underpair to Q or AK by V4, something like 99, that is if we compare this hand to NL5 zoom, not to say they are the same.

        Because villain acted so weak whole hand, and both str+flush draw got there, I would bluff with no hand.
        Did he insta fold?


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          Interesting hand.

          I think you have to call pre due to the pot odds, and then hope to flop a monster/draw, as one pair is unlikely to be good multiway vs an UTG opener. Flop call is standatory. Turn is a fold, I think, because even if you factor in "bluff outs" with the flush draw out there, you might find villain actually has the flush. He could have been betting AQhh or KQhh all along. I doubt he's capable of folding top set or an overpair, so I'm really surprised he folded this time.
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            Personally I don't like calling pre here, KQo plays pretty poorly OOP in a multi-way pot. KQs is a better call. Immediate pot odds are nice, but there is a lot of reverse implied odds in this spot when we flop 1 pair.

            A big squeeze with 2 blockers is a nice option with the right reads on UTG, but without them I prefer to just fold.
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