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5NL 6-max Zoom AKs on flop

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom AKs on flop

    Hi, villain is playing 40/25/17 over just 23 hands. Not a huge sample but I'd be inclined to put him on the LAG side. I decided to 3B because CO and BT seemed passive (although not sure) and players at this level call 3Bets with dominated hands often. Specially with my 3B sizing here. Should I check back the flop ? And give up on most turns ? What's his range here for check raising ? Cheers!

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    Pre is meh. I prefer flatting AK in these spots though 3betting has its merits.

    I'd actually check back this flop and intend on giving up since he'll be continuing a large part of his range on this texture.


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      I think 3Betting Preflop is fine, as long as you do it on the understanding that when villain calls, he probably has a relatively strong and narrow range and isn't going to fold too easily.

      If villain is pretty loose, his range might be something like 55+ (maybe even all PPs), AJ+, KJs+, KQo and some of the higher suited connectors/broadways.

      This flop is about the worst flop for your hand. As well as completely missing your actual holding, it also doesn't connect well with a typical MP 3Betting range vs an UTG raise, apart from if you have an overpair. Therefore a good LAG may even check/raise with air here as he will take down the pot a decent percentage of the time, and he may be able to take the pot away on later streets if the runout is bad for you.

      Particularly against LAGgy guys, I would just check and give up OTT unless you spike an A or K.



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