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10NLz 6max - Made a note I haven't a clue

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  • 10NLz 6max - Made a note I haven't a clue

    Took me a while to get this out of the hh folder but I did take a note (at the table) and now thinking, does it looks so loose for me? I have no clue why people do this on the flop hoping to hit a 9 outer. So hey, I'm sick of it so did exactly the same and got lucky or not? My note after showdown: game x tables(?=hidden) / Note 1 / ... : 10NLz x? / raise utg AA over bets low 2 flush board 3-bet jams nut Ace why? So I don't think the shove is good (or my call) - but do you guys say "you only need to be correct 30% of the time?" Either point of view hero or villain?
    Last edited by ForrestFive; Wed Jan 15, 2014, 10:15 AM.

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    Why aren't you topping up?

    I think we are overplaying our hand here. The money is rarely going in as a favourite.

    Just call and reevaluate turn.


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      Hey Forrest!

      What do we achieve with x/r-ing with a draw? When we are semi-bluffing with a draw there are two things going on for us: 1. We have some extent of fold equity (we would be happy to win down the pot with Jack high when they fold) 2. when they call we have outs to fall back on.

      In this case we fall short on number 1. And that is because the villain just overbet pot into 4 opponents! Yayks! I doubt we will see any weak hands here or bluffs, though some opponents are capable of betting pot or overbetting as a bluff but I doubt it would be the case in a multiway pot. If you wanna gamble, id rather you'd shove all in here - don't. The problem with calling flop though is that given the flop action we can expect a second big bet OTT in which case we will have to fold to unless the turn comes a heart, J, or T though we will still be beat but we would've picked up some equity to continue given the right odds


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        ^^ This.

        About the only way I can see your line as reasonable here Forrest, is if you are playing agaionst a HIGHLY SKILLED table capable of making very big lay downs...oh, and if you have a solidly ingrained image of never bluffing.

        I also agree with the first responder...

        Even against BAD PLAYERS - "bad" = those agaisnt whom JTs here has not only fl draw outs but some over card potential too, AND agaisnt whom it is a good nough hand to be calling raises oop on - your play is way too adventurous. As birdayy says; in those spots AT MOST call and re-assess because your semi bluff raise has no fold equity.
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