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2nl Zoom - AK

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  • 2nl Zoom - AK

    Hi guys, I think I have lost the plot on how we should deal with AK preflop. No stats or reads on villain. Didn't reallly like my call OOP. Felt that I needed the initiative. Once I hit the king, I was unsure, as it's possible, since that I got 3betted preflop, villain has AA, KK (unlikely), AK (again unlikely) I guess it's more weighted to AA. Maybe even something weaker. Villain then shoves on the turn. I instantly thought of strength, and he is hoping to win the maximum possible. I watched a video by Xflixx saying that villians will tend to shove as it looks bluffy, hoping to get called. As you can probably tell - I'm Cheers, Pullin

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    Very wierd shove indeed...

    Leading out on OTF would have been better imo but this is a wierd play so anything could have happened.

    Easy fold imo, I don't like to mess with idiots in high variance-spots. (can I say idiots? I mean players that play wierd lines)


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      indeed same here - lol


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        Hi pullin!

        A read on the villain would help here. But readless, there are still a few noteworthy elements. Firstly, the raiser has position on you. Secondly, the raiser has a huge stack. He might have luckboxed his way to it, but Im going to give him credit for being a decent player until we get some hands on him.

        Calling 3bets out of position is something we want to avoid unless we have a very good reason for calling. Hand strength isn't a good reason imo. Deep stacks, a specific read or another player we are hoping to keep in the pot might be reasons. If we are going to avoid calling, that leaves us with folding or 4betting. I would 4b here since AK is too strong to fold.

        As played, you flop tptk the villain's range needs to be wider than you give him. However, JJ, KK, AA and KJ are part of it. You can lead out on the flop, but it might fold out many of the hands you are beating such as 1010, QQ and some suited connectors. Checking lets him cbet these hands, but does make it unclear if we are ahead or behind in the hand. This is exactly the problem with being oop.

        On the turn, the villain shoves and this becomes an easy fold since I don't want to risk my whole stack by calling an all in with "just a pair". The villain value owns himself by betting so much.

        I think it is being oop in this hand that makes it difficult more than your cards. Good fold

        Roland GTX


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          What range will he call our 4bet here with?


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            Hopefully he won't call our 4b. 3b from late position can be a lot of hands especially if he is a decent player. But when we 4b, it is almost always a strong hand at 2NL. This gives us valueable fold equity. If the villain 5b us, without a strong read/notes proving he is a maniac, Im going to give him credit for a very strong hand QQ+ and would fold. He might call though with a few Ax hands that we can do well against like AQs, AK and perhaps with some pairs 1010+. He might also call with KK wanting to see a non-ace flop before commtting. Normally I would expect AA to 5b. It is hard to nail down his calling range since he is an unknown. If he calls we need to reevaluate on the flop.

            Imo, I would rather 4b-fold to around 40c rather than taking this hand postflop and getting lost.



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