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10Nl 6-max Zoom KK IP

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  • 10Nl 6-max Zoom KK IP

    Hi, villain is playing 8/6/4 over 74 hands. Lately I'm looking for spots to thin value bet rivers, since 10NL players won't check raise bluff as often. Is this a good spot ? I should never call this raise, especially against a nit right ? Cheers!

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    2 cents,

    A tight AQ, QJs or pocket pair are not going to 3-bet out of the big blind. But call and then invariably station call your continuation bets, so now on the river I think your 1 pair is beat.

    Lots of bluffs but don't bother.


    I'd be obvious and check raise a set on the flop. If nit check call but I'm not bluffing on the river.

    If I think back now to the turn (after x/c flop still not bluffing) then I will check raise turn. So I can't be bluffing on the river.
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      I would just check back this river card against this exact player because they aren't going to call with AJ enough to make up for the times they have you beat. But against other players I could definitely see you making this sized bet for value.

      Easy fold to the check raise!



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