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10NL 6-max Zoom ATs drawing

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  • 10NL 6-max Zoom ATs drawing

    Hi, villain is unknown. Calling the flop check raise is fine or should I consider 3-beting ? Do we have the odds to continue on the turn ? We're getting 2.7:1 so we'd have to be relying on implied odds.If we his our flush two pair hands or sets will call another bet so we have enough implied odds ? Cheers!

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    I like your play, because I don't think we have fold equity OTF to 3bet and I don't see any two pair hands.


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      Hi guys, I think we might have exited this hand prematurely.
      There's not much going on on this board really and it's a kind of flop that our cbet won't get much credit so villain could be raising us pretty light here if they know what they are doing. Also because we min raised, the BB can call us with a wide range of hands but none of which can hit this board strongly. So our only concern it seems are sets and that's a rarity given their hand range for calling in the BB might be wide. Club draws and gutshots are definitely in their x/r range. More information on villain can help us determine the best course of action but here is one of the few spots that I actually don't mind over shoving the flop with our two overs + NFD because I feel we can take down the pot a good amount of the time with Ace high whenever they are raising with like a gutshot or an A5 type of hand and if they do get it in with their Kcjc then we will be in good shape and only bad against 99, 55, 22. If I'm re-raising, Im not raising to any amount less than all in and that's because we 1. increase our fold equity and 2. we only realize our equity by seeing both turn and river and I don't want them to take that option away from me when they flat us. Calling the raise is also definitely an option but I think I'll call the turn also only because I expect them to barrel again with their club draws in which case we can actually win with Ace high when they give up OTR.


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        I would almost never 3bet flop unless you're 100% sure that villain will always continue with all his draws and weak 1 pair hands etc.

        Also I would always call the turn here, you are in position and very often have a lot of equity still to realize. Since it's a BU vs blind situation where BB potentially flats a wide range against your minopen he can produce an equally wide x/r range against which you have good equity, crush some worse draws and may have more outs than you assume (any T, club, A). Sometimes A high might even take it down against some of the draws.
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