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2$NL 6-max KTs unbeatable but did I extract maximum value

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  • 2$NL 6-max KTs unbeatable but did I extract maximum value

    Villain_1 VP:43 PR:17 AFq:43 AF:2 (30) Did I get maximum value from this hand or should I have played it differently I need to add some information. 1. I had received some decent hands during this session and played them aggressively (stats VP:18 PR:18 AFq:78 AF:7 (49) 2. Against this villain I stacked off (AK against AA, a hand that I played poorly ... but it is so hard to fold AK with a K on the board ) The player in the cutoff is tight (VPIP:11) and as the button is playing a wide range of hands, I don't mind opening the KTs from middle position. On the flop I have one opponent and a gutshot, a backdoor flushdraw and an over card to the flop. As I was preflop aggressor, I think all this merits a continuation bet. Also my image would make a call more likely So on the turn I hit my gutshot and I pick up on a straight flush draw. I decide to bet a bit bigger as this might be seen as protection, making the flushdraw in my holding unlikely Villain takes a long time and calls. He is only playing one table so I think he is not too strong but has made something or is on a cloves draw (Jx, TT, QT, JT,98 or so) On the river I hit Royal flush. (So all this is just to boast with my luck ) No seriously, I consider my options and the way I played it could have given the picture that I'm worried about the flush. Therefore I decide to check, hoping for a bluff. I get lucky a 2nd time and villain bluffs. Now I re-raise but not too big as I want him to call. Here is the serious question: Should I have bet over the pot on the river like I was bluffing and hoping for a shove or just a good decent value bet for about 40 cents or so On a sidenote, after starting to play here, I had some issues with adjusting and my bankroll went red rapidly... Today I was able to get back in the blue The last 6000 hands, I have been playing with 21.59 BB/100 I would like to know: 1. Is 6000 hands a sufficient amount to say, I can handle this level ? 2. Is 21.59BB/100 good or not ? I have no idea ? Would you advice me to look towards a higher level or is that to soon ? (well to be honest, I still need to raise my bankroll a bit before going there, just want to know if I'm ready ) Again to all that will share their opinion, my thanks for taking the time

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    Hi betsizer,

    Preflop and flop look fine. I prefer to bet larger on the turn. This turn card interacts pretty well with the villain's flop calling range. He can make a number of worse straights, 2 pairs, straight draws, and flopped flush draws that now make top pair as well. All these are action givers, so a bigger sizing seems right to me. If the Q is a scary card to his holding, he's probably not calling a smaller sizing anyway, so go for the big value.

    River I prefer to bet again... this is a card that is likely to slow him down and we risk checking behind us and showing down. If the river card helped him enough for him to bet and call a check/raise, he may well raise us if we bet initially, allowing us to 3-bet all in and get full stack value.

    Originally posted by betsizer View Post
    Therefore I decide to check, hoping for a bluff.

    I get lucky a 2nd time and villain bluffs. Now I re-raise but not too big as I want him to call.
    But, he didn't bluff, because he called your raise. Ask yourself what his range is, when he calls flop and turn, and what out of those hands would need to bluff to win now? K-rag of clubs is about it. Everything else at least has showdown value. So a bluff is not likely here when you check, and quite a few hands that will call a bet, will just check behind you and show down.
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      I understand. Thank you



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