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5NL Zoom (6 max) - River decision with TPTK in 3bet pot

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  • 5NL Zoom (6 max) - River decision with TPTK in 3bet pot

    Background: Hero: VPIP 17, PFR 13, 3bet 4 [291 hands] Villain: VPIP 22, PFR 19, 3bet 5 [119 hands] Addtl Notes. 3bet range Vs steals AJs & played turn draw aggressively. Pre-flop: We pick up in MP and make a standard 3x raise & get called by the CO. Villain [BTN] then 3bets / squeezes to $0.60 & I opted to flat to keep BTN's range wide. CO folds. Flop: We hit TPTK & checked to the aggressor. Villain checks behind. Turn: After board pairs the '4' & Villain checked OTF, I decided to lead out OTT & bet for value (... b/folding to a raise). Villain calls. River: Hero checks. Villain makes what appears to be a value [2/3 pot] bet. Hero? My thoughts: All draws missed. I considered barrelling OTR, but didn't think we would be called by worse hands... & it was possible Villain got there OTR with QQ, AQ or was always ahead with 88 or AA, so would be forced to b/fold to a raise. With this in mind, I decided to check with a view to x/calling a small / medium size bet & x/folding to a shove? Questions: 1). Do you agree with the way I played the hand / my analysis? 2). What would you do differently e.g. 4bet p/f? 3). Should we make the call [or fold] OTR? Welcome your thoughts / comments. Tony
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    I'd prefer 4betting and getting it in pre because we are OOP. Calling has merits though.

    Turn is fine.

    OTR I prefer bet/folding half pot. Given he checked the flop I think he has SDV which won't bluff this river.


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      Hello, AQ & QQ makes a lot of sense for me. I think folding would be great game , wich I think I'm not capable of
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        I think you got yourself into a nasty spot not (donk-)betting the flop. With AK calling a preflop 3bet I would be happy to see that ace and go for it right away. OTT your bet seems small, just over half pot. I would rather have seen you do that OTF. His bet on the river could mean anything now because of your not so strong looking line. If he has AA he played it really bad. If he had AK, why would he not bet the flop? QQ, KK, JJ, AQ, 88, , AJ all make (more) sence and his bet smells like value a lot.. dunno, maybe fold and find a better spot.


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          Originally posted by rkleefstra View Post
          I think he would cbet OTF with this and check behind OTR, He doesn't seem aggressive and I think he wouldn't turn into the bluff JJ,KK,AJ, and check behind OTR.


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            Preflop I'd probably lean more towards 4Betting and getting all in because you're OOP, but flat calling does keep some of his weaker 3Betting hands in the pot so I think both plays are OK.

            I prefer just to check the flop to let him bluff some of his PPs that have whiffed. However donkbetting all the way might yield an extra street of value vs AQ/AJ, but in this case you've also got to be willing to donkbet flops with draws and weaker made hands so your opponents don't know that you only donkbet for value.

            Turn is fine and I think the river should be a bet/fold. I can see KK and AJ-A9 still calling because the queen now plays for chopping up some two pairs. If he raises, it's clear that he's spiked AQ/QQ or had AA all along.

            Like birdayy says, I think villain would just check back AJ and worse or KK because he chose not to CBet the flop, so when he makes this value bet, I think you should fold.


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              Hey guys, TY for your comments... I am trying to balance my 3bet / 4bet range with AKo & felt that Villain was likely 3betting light IP with raise & call [CO] in front of him, hence flatting keeping his range wide... & I checked OTF [as Andy said] to give him the opportunity to bluff. Last piece of the jig-saw... Villain tanked before making his bet OTR, so decided to make a sighing call & he showed !!! [... & afterwards kicked myself for not 4betting]. GL @ tables Tony umbup:
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                That's sick. squeezing with Q4 and get a boat



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