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2nl 6 max zoom - TPTK vs Set

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  • 2nl 6 max zoom - TPTK vs Set

    Any fold here? Ads

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    Hi Ads,

    I play 2nl FR zoom.

    I would have done the following:

    If no reads on villain.

    3bet to 20 cent (I will put in an extra blind because of lack of position)

    Once I get 4bet, I would fold, because I would put villain on a very tight range, KK+, AK+, without no reads - I find at full ring zoom 2nl (I know your playing 6 max) the majority to be nits.

    I would imagine calling a 4bet OOP and then allowing villain to make a continuation bet, you just don't know where you stand.

    Just some of my thoughts on how I play.




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      Originally posted by adsthepro777 View Post
      Any fold here?

      Hi ads,

      Yes, preflop. I don't mind your 3B vs. a button open, even readless, but I would assume the average 2nl zoom player's 4b range is all premiums until I know differently, and AQo plays pretty terribly vs. a range of JJ+/AK. Although the sizing is small, the "price" doesn't help us... we take great prices to hit a lucky flop, but this is such a bad reverse implied odds situation it's no good. Meaning when we do hit the flop we'll often have a 2nd best hand and will be forced to stack off due to the low SPR, while when he flops 2nd best he usually won't be forced to stack off. Like when he's got KK on Axx, he won't have to pay us off, but when he's got AK we're paying him. Or JJ/AK on Qxx, he won't have to pay us, but we pay his QQ+ holdings. That's reverse implied odds. This actual hand is a great example of this... we should feel comfortable stacking off top/top on such a low stack to pot ratio, and yet we are never good vs his value range when he puts the money in (we are only beating bluffs, and he shouldn't have any here since there's no chance we'll fold)... that means we made a mistake preflop.

      Not to mention all the times we miss the flop and end up check/folding... the few times we flop stuff like KJT and hold vs. KK don't make up for all the miss/check/folds etc.
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