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5NL Zoom (6 max) - BVB action with bottom set facing raise OTF on w/board

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  • 5NL Zoom (6 max) - BVB action with bottom set facing raise OTF on w/board

    Background: Hero Stats: VPIP 18; PFR 14; 3bet 5 [116 hands] Unknown Villain: No information / reads [3 hands] Pre-flop: Folds to me in the SB, so make standard 3x raise & get a call from the BB Flop: Flop bottom set on co-ordinated board, so made a healthy cbet & Villain raises to $0.65. Hero calls. Turn: Hero checks. Villain makes a pot size bet... Hero? My thoughts: Villain's bet sizing seems to be consistent with 2 pair type hands s/d or pairs+draws. Its also plausible that Villain has 88, 99 (of course) made straight TJ, 56 etc & would take this line due to board texture & poss FD? With the post-flop action [... & whilst people do some crazy things BvB], not sure we can flat OTT as there are a lot of scary cards that could hit OTR. Questions: 1). Do you agree with my analysis / Villains range? 2). Is this a case of shove / fold OTT or is there an argument for making the call & re-evaluate OTR? Welcome your thoughts / comments. Tony

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    Hi Prodigy,

    I actually hate our flop call here... we are super strong for blind v. blind and the BB can be raising the flop with a lot of worse hands, both made and draw, on a scary board texture. Enough so that I'm confident we can 3b/get it in profitably right here. Flatting is problematic because there are so many turn cards we won't know how to play OOP, where villain can put real heat on us and if we check, he can take a free card with his draws.

    I would bet/call this turn since we didn't reraise the flop, not wanting to give a free card to draws. Calling OOP stinks with so many bad rivers, I was willing to put it in on the flop and this turn card doesn't change that so as played I'd move all in, although it's thin at this point imo.
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      Hi Dave, TY for your comments... I didn't like my play here v much either & not sure why I opted to 'slow play' set on such a w/board as my standard line would be to 3bet / get in [... as you can see from the link below]. As it was I shoved OTT, but Villain had flopped a made straight with so we were already behind OTF & didn't improve. TY again Tony umbup:
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