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200NL FR: AK, All-in with Ace-high straight

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  • 200NL FR: AK, All-in with Ace-high straight

    After hitting the Ace-high straight, I went all-in with my pot of $71.81. (with AK in my hand) Apparently, the villain thought I was bluffing, since he had three of a kind (queens) and called my bet. I'm looking forward to improve my strategy, so please let me know if the way I played was good enough. A bit of context: I've made my first deposit only recently and I've been making only small bets, with the exception of this large bet. With that in mind, this was by far the largest NLHE cash game pot I won so far.

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    Dan, I think I analysed one of your hands for the Bankroll Builder challenge. I think starting your career at 200NL is extremely risky. Bankroll managment guidelines mean that you should have a bankroll of about $20-30K to be playing 200NL, otherwise you're very likely to go broke.

    Judging by the fact you're playing with a short stack, I assume you're not topping up. 200NL tables are very tough, so you should build up your skills from the bottom up, starting at the bottom with 2NL and proving you can beat that level before progressing up until your skills have improved enough to take on the big boys.

    As for the hand, I'm not surprised your opponent didn't put you on AK. Calling the turn bet hoping to hit a J is a losing proposition, there's no reason why you can rule out a Q from villain's range.

    You were very lucky on the river for two reasons. First you hit your miracle 4-outer and second, villain didn't have QJ or QT.


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      Move down ASAP. You will get destroyed at 200nl if you dont know what to do in these spots.


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        I will just echo what Andy and birdayy said... move down and learn against weaker competition. Your play in this hand was pretty -EV and you got lucky, consider it an opportunity to escape with a profit and fund the learning process at the lower levels.
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