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25NL 6Max Zoom - Firing 3 Barrel Bluff

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  • 25NL 6Max Zoom - Firing 3 Barrel Bluff

    Unknown villain I felt that villain was going to be relatively weak here more often than not because of the limp preflop and the passive line he took. I felt like he might have had some sort of 6x, maybe 76, 66, 56, he might even call a flop bet with an underpair or 99. The turn was an interesting card. Obviously during the hand I felt like I could rep the 8 or continue to rep an overpair and decided to fire another barrel. However looking back at it, this is probably the worst card to fire a second barrel on because it improves villain's range far more than it improves my perceived range. Should I have just given up? Once villain called my turn bet, the prototypical scare card comes on the river. I felt like it was unlikely that my opponent had an 8, he would have raised at some point either OTF or OTT. I didn't see how he could call two barrels with A-high on such a wet board, so I felt this was a good card to fire a third barrel and get him off his hands like 66, 99/TT. Was I being too optimistic and fancy here or is it a decent line to take?

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    I like that line,I made mistake couple of times giving up OTR, because without river bet this line is incomplete. He can't call 3 barrels with 7x or 5x and I'm fast sure that's what he is holding . If he will call, next time I'm going to charge him with pot bets


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      Dont bluff the fish.

      That being said I think you'd be more credible of having an A if you checked back the turn and bet the river.


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        Yh definitely not barreling the turn if he has got a pair and its connected hes never folding that turn and i dont think the A is that much of a scare card because he could easily make a 2 pair on that card.

        Dont know about your flop bet though i would normally give up with QT here, maybe i should be betting here i dunno.


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          Hi Andy,

          I don't mind the flop bet, but I really dislike the turn bet. This flop texture does hit a fair bit of his limping range. The stuff it misses would probably fold on the flop. His passive play is just a fish indicator, so the turn bet is basically trying to make the fish fold a pair and/or draw (good luck with that) on what is a safe turn card for him. Why did you feel like you could rep the 8? As the preflop raiser I don't think the fish is ever putting you on an 8, if he's even ranging you. There are a lot more 8x hands in his limp/call range than your raising range as well, so it's a card that is better for his range, and won't dissuade hands like 99 or A7 from calling again. I am not a big fan of barreling this spot without a read that we are up against a fish with a low fold to flop c-bet and high fold to turn c-bet (i.e. they like to peel the flop light and/or float, but give up to the 2nd barrel frequently).

          River is the proverbial scare card, so I understand the desire to fire at it, but it may be optimistic vs. a fish. It's also optimistic vs a good hand reader... had you checked back turn, AK/AQ look very reasonable to hold, but barreling turn makes it look less like you hold those on this board texture, and more like 99-AA, so the ace wouldn't be an exciting card for you to be betting unless you just filled up. (As an aside, against a solid reg, we should value bet JJ-KK imo for exactly that reason).
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            Originally posted by TheLangolier View Post
            Why did you feel like you could rep the 8? As the preflop raiser I don't think the fish is ever putting you on an 8, if he's even ranging you.
            I realised this looking back at the hand in preparation for posting it on here. I've got a bad habit of sometimes just making randomly aggressive plays when my opponent shows weakness.

            I agree with everyone that the line I took makes no real sense, checking the turn is way better than firing another barrel.



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