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10Nl 6-max Zoom T9s IP

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  • 10Nl 6-max Zoom T9s IP

    Hi, villain is playing 21/14/6 fold c-bet=0% over 178 hands. How should we play this hand versus different villains ? I mean, the turn is a blank, so I don't think he's folding Ax or Qx especially if the villain is passive. Should we only barrel draws like this on scary cards? Or can we barrel on a blank turn like here ? Cheers!

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    I think checking flop is good decision ,because your hand has equity . He has a lot of Ax in his hand range and you don't have fold equity. against such opps 3 barrels may be good some times.


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      I get the feeling that fold to CBet = 0% might be misleading as 178 hands is a small sample size and this could easily be 0/1 or 0/2. Do you know how many opportunities this was based on?

      I like the CBet on the flop, you can certainly get better hands to fold (PPs, Qx) while you've got decent equity with your flush and backdoor straight draws.

      I think you should just check back the turn though and take the free card. The turn is just about the biggest brick possible so if he called the flop CBet, he's unlikely to fold on the turn. Judging by his fairly tight stats, I can't imagine he's going to float the flop with air Out of Position too often. You're just charging yourself more to hit your draw.

      I reckon that if you're going to fire a second barrel, you've also got to be willing to fire a third barrel sometimes even when you miss. This would work best against people who might be capable of folding hands like AJ-A9 to three barrels. I might be wrong on this though because I almost never triple barrel bluff, I just prefer to find value spots.
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        Hi spand, the c-bet waw based on 0/5 hands. Not enough to draw a conclusion right ?

        I'd like to ask another thing. What if it was the same hand and I was ou of position. How would I play it ?



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          See my response to your QK hand


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            More important than fold to c-bet is fold to steals and went to showdown when seeing the flop. But they're still not reliable on that sample size.



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