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2nl 6 max zoom - AQ OOP

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  • 2nl 6 max zoom - AQ OOP

    Pre flop is all pretty standard here i make the raise bigger over the limper since im oop and will get more money in the pot with whats almost always a stronger hand. BB can come along with a lot of hands here (44/0) 9 hands. I cbet this flop obviously to try and take it down there and i have a gutshot and two overs if i do get called, which i did. Don't like betting again on the turn here and getting myself into an awkward river spot in a big pot, i just plan to check fold the turn here to any bet. When the villain checks back turn i think he can have a lot of small pairs and maybe some draws too, still a super wide range of hands. I figured the river to be a great card for me, the only way i lose this pot now is if villain shows up with KQ? i think i beat a lot of one pair and draw hands and pairs that he had before the flop 22 and 44 - 77 so i think going for value here is ok? Villain flats so im thinking yay no KQ! and he turns over AK lol any thoughts? Ads

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    Hi ads,

    We actually have a double gutter to a 9 or K, not just gutter and 2 overs, so on the turn we can c/c sometimes depending on bet sizing. I like the flop bet, and agree on checking turn since villain isn't folding anything he called the flop with on a 3 turn, and most of it is ahead of us with some kind of pair, save for 9x and KQ.

    I think betting the river is pretty thin. This line (cbet flop, check turn, bet river) looks a lot like one of the hands we actually have, AK/AQ. I don't think this guy is folding an ace, but that's only A9 that we're targeting then. Will he pay off with QJ, T9, or weaker? If we think yes then we'd want to bet (and fold to a raise). If not, then it becomes too thin imo.
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      Originally posted by TheLangolier View Post
      Will he pay off with QJ, T9, or weaker? If we think yes then we'd want to bet (and fold to a raise). If not, then it becomes too thin imo.
      It's 2NL - I think a random villain will pay off with that kind of crap often enough to make this thin value bet worthwhile.



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