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2NL FR Zoom - Full house line of play

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  • 2NL FR Zoom - Full house line of play

    My minraising felt daft but I didn't wanna shove and scare him off the AA?/JT/x8 I ranged him to. Sadly, auto-rebuy was off
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    The minraise war on the turn is comical. You're not gonna "scare him off" by making a standard raise, and he pretty much never has AA here. His turn bet is small in relation to the pot, but he donk-potted the flop. He usually has a real hand when he does that (a smaller donk would generally indicated one pair or a draw). With top set, you're only losing to straights, but you have tons of equity. I'd be raising the flop for value/protection and stacking off. Definitely raise bigger on the turn. A straight isn't folding, and nor is trips or a worse boat. You have the 2nd nuts, so you're at the top of your range on a board where many strong (but worse) hands are possible. Get it all in as soon as possible. Sometimes villain has T8 or 86 or 65, and he might not pay off if river comes a spade, so get all the money in NOW.
    A raise to something like 70c on the turn sets up a trivial shove of the last dollar on the river, in the event villain just calls the turn raise.
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      I think slowplaying top set here is a mistake - the board is so wet that you should be looking to protect your hand against the many draws out there. Usually donk leads like this either mean strong made hands e.g. 2 pair + that they are wanting to protect or draws. In all cases, raising will give you the most value. The last thing you want is to give V1 the correct price to call and have a scary turn card come.

      As it turns out, the dream card comes. Villain's donkbet might well be a blocking bet hoping to see a cheap river with their draws. The problem with minraising is that villain might just call your bet and check/fold the river, where you miss a lot of value. Just raise to something like $0.55 and look to go all in now or on the river.



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