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Were these bad laydowns?

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  • Were these bad laydowns?

    After taking a bad beat for a good chunk of my bankroll, ( Tried to protect my hand against draws with a big bet, to which mid pair shoved all in and managed to get a full house on turn and river ), I felt like I was playing a lot tighter, maybe a bit too tight? I had no real reads on my opponents and these hands happened near consecutively

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    I believe both hands are clear folds, specially the top one.

    KK on a Axx board is always a pain, bet/fold is the right line. I do think you should have 2nd barreled the turn and maybe that would have prevented him from going all-in and get a cheap showdown.
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      Good folds, imo. However, it seems (with my current understanding) that only way you could play the first hand is to try it getting it all in, with a 4b, size of ? maybe 1.50 and hoping shove.


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        Hi Quaquaversal,

        I think these spots could have been avoided. Hand 1, I would try to get it in OTF vs Axclike braveslice mentions. The second hand we could take a x/c line OTF to keep their range wide with PPs and Jx that might fold to a bet OTF and try to get to SD cheaply by calling one street and hoping they would check back.


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          Hi Qua,

          Please limit 1 hand to a thread in the future, even if they are similar in nature.

          Both are certainly folds as played.

          KK hand is a check/fold on both the turn and river imo, villain has way too many Ax+ hands in his flop calling range on a dry board to be putting more money in the pot.

          QQ I think we should 3b the flop, and hope the villain 4-bets all in. Alternatively we could 3b shove as well which may get looked up by AK thinking we have the nut flush draw. As played we don't have the right price to call trying to improve on the river, so we'd need reads (that say he would bomb turn without a flush) to continue.
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