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NL2$ 6-max AKo Correct call on the flop ? Correct play on the turn ?

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  • NL2$ 6-max AKo Correct call on the flop ? Correct play on the turn ?

    Villain_3 VP:44 PR:31 AFq:58 AF:2.94 (113) After a bit of struggling, I now seem to catch my game Previous session 41.82BB/hour Today's session 112.12BB/hour So the results are good but here and there I wonder how much good play and how much luck was involved This is one of the hands My thougtprocess during the hand. Please let me know if this is correct. Villain leads the betting from UTG. As he is loose and agressive, I don't really worry about the strenght of his hand. Furthermore I picked up AK and so I don't hesitate to 3-bet The flop is interesting and I am worried as this probably connects very good with the villains range However as he checks I need to probe and I bet a bit less than half the pot. The villain reraises but small and gives me pot odds of about 4 to 1. As he is very agressive, combined with the preflop call I don't give him much of a hand. I suspect Ax JT KQ KJ QJ and less likely due to the opening bet 87 98 T9 (I think even for him to weak to bet from that position) JJ 99 TT (I believe these would have been reraised) Anyhow I believe he is not that strong yet or very strong. I put him on a draw or maybe one pair but not top pair. As I have very good odds, I decide to go with the hand and call his bet I spike my Ace on the tunr and villain bets strong. It looks like he has hit or takes a serious jab to the pot. If I call I commnit nearly my complete stack so it is all in or fold. I worry a bit about the the 2 pair but I have a redraw with the queen and I suspect this villain will have enough Ax in his range to make a hand like A6 A7 A8 possible. Against a tight player this would be a clear fold but against this player that is overvalueing his hands a bit, I believe I should go with the hand and I push. That is where I would like to know your opinion

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    Hi betsizer!

    Against such a proven overly aggressive player, your line is going to be profitable. However, it is a high risk line. 3b preflop is perfect. It gains you value and hopefully isolates the raiser which it did.

    As you say, this flop connects solidly with the villain's range. Moreover, many of the Ax hands you were beating preflop just made bottom pair. I think you would be better off just checking the flop. At the moment you don't have a made hand but you do have decent potential to improve. Even though giving a free card on this board is dangerous, I would rather that than to build the pot when there is a good chance we are behind. An A or K may give you the best hand, but the only truly clear outs are the 3 non-flush Qs and even then you still need to dodge a lot of bullets on the river.

    As played, the check-raise on the flop might be the nuts, but more often it is a strong draw. I don't mind calling, but it does create an awkward situation for the turn if we miss and the villain leads out. When the villain leads out with nearly a potsized bet on the turn and more or less putting you all in, you will need to win the hand about 35% of the time to be profitable here. I don't know what his postflop stats say, but, against this particular villain calling will probably be profitable.

    As I said at the start though. Checking your option on the flop would have kept the pot under control in an unclear spot with an unmade hand. At 2NL this line will give you less variance and most likely more profit in the long run. Even against agromaniacs like this guy, you want to be careful not to overplay single pair hands.

    GL and have fun at the tables!

    Roland GTX


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      Thank you Roland



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