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10Nl 6-max 88 River

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  • 10Nl 6-max 88 River

    Hi, villain is playing 12/8/0 over 108 hands. On the river, should I just call his 3B or shove over the top ? or even think on folding ? Cheers!

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    I think you played the river fine, we only lose to AA,A9, and pocket nines. if he has one of those hands so be it.

    I would have probably checked back the flop. 88 is not a monster vs him and I don't know if he folds TT-KK for one bet and we have showdown value. A check also allows us to call a turn bet and re evaluate the river. as I said above I think your river play is fine.

    gl at the tables
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      On the flop, I'd be highly suspicious when a nit doesn't CBet an Axx flop. I would expect villain to CBet nearly all of his range apart from the nut hands like AA, A9 (unlikely) or 99. Even if he does have something like KK-TT that he doesn't want to CBet with, I don't think he's going to fold to a flop float bet. Therefore I'd just check it back and fold if unimproved.

      You decide to bet. I think if you're going to take this line to try and fold out KK-TT, I think you should continue to bet the turn.

      The river is an interesting spot. I actually think this is probably a fold unless you think he's capable of bluffing.

      What value hands could he have that he would raise like this after raising from UTG? I think he's got no 9x in his preflop range other than 99. He wouldn't play AK/AQ like this, he'd likely just CBet the flop or play it like this and just call your river raise. The only value hand you're beating is 66, but I doubt he calls the flop bet with this.

      Therefore realistically you have to think he's got complete air or overplayed AK about 25% of the time - I doubt that this is the case.



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