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Fun spot.

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  • Fun spot.

    I figured he had a decently strong hand of course, but seeing as i played it this way to the river, i figured the river was a great bluff spot. And having over 100bbs behind i thought it would be a super hard call for him with out a straight or flush. but at 2NL especially i guess this is pretty bad. but either way it was fun :P

    Just looking for your guys thoughts on the spot.

    Also just looking for thoughts on the river spot, I'm well aware up too the river i played it very sub-optimally but once I'm at the river i think the shove is okay? maybe :P
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    Fold to the flop raise, or fold to the turn bet, or check back river.
    Villain has you crushed on the flop and you have just 4 clean outs. You can't call his check-raise profitably.

    River is a bad spot to bluff, because you're repping one hand (KQ) and that wouldn't usually call the flop raise or turn bet. And villain isn't folding two pairs or a set (his most likely holding) anyway.
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      Bit of a mess.

      Snap fold flop.


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        Ahhhhhh. The price of compounded poor decisions.

        Micro stakes is a poor excuse to play "sub-optimally". It is much cheaper to learn to avoid these situations at these stakes than to un-learn them later.



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