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Is this a stack off in 6 max? Btn vs BB situation!

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  • Is this a stack off in 6 max? Btn vs BB situation!

    ***** Hand History for Game 1111111111 ***** (Poker Stars)
    $2.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Monday, January 06, 05:15:39 ET 2014
    Table Halley 8 (Real Money)
    Seat 1 is the button
    Seat 1: Player1 ( $1.94 USD ) - VPIP: 22, PFR: 14, 3B: 0, AF: 1.0, Hands: 37
    Seat 2: Player2 ( $8.81 USD ) - VPIP: 10, PFR: 9, 3B: 4, AF: 1.7, Hands: 297
    Seat 3: Hero ( $2.40 USD ) - VPIP: 18, PFR: 14, 3B: 3, AF: 1.8, Hands: 42733
    Seat 4: Player4 ( $4.00 USD ) - VPIP: 42, PFR: 33, 3B: 0, AF: 2.0, Hands: 12
    Seat 5: Player5 ( $7.64 USD ) - VPIP: 42, PFR: 36, 3B: 13, AF: 0.7, Hands: 36
    Seat 6: Player6 ( $2.00 USD ) - VPIP: 17, PFR: 6, 3B: 0, AF: 0.0, Hands: 81
    Player2 posts small blind [$0.01 USD].
    Hero posts big blind [$0.02 USD].
    ** Dealing down cards **
    Dealt to Hero [ Jc Jd ]
    Player4 folds
    Player5 folds
    Player6 folds
    Player1 raises [$0.05 USD]
    Player2 calls [$0.04 USD]
    Hero raises [$0.18 USD]
    Player1 raises [$0.60 USD]
    Player2 folds
    Hero raises [$1.80 USD]
    Player1 calls [$1.29 USD]
    Hero wins $0.06 USD
    ** Dealing Flop ** [ 5c, 7d, 5h ]
    ** Dealing Turn ** [ 6s ]
    ** Dealing River ** [ Qh ]
    Hero shows [Jc, Jd ]
    Player1 shows [Ah, Ac ]
    Player1 wins $3.79 USD from main pot

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    Uhhhh Its tough, you have to 3bet, and then when he 4bets your best case scenario is he has AK I believe. cause people are not really 4bet with worst then that at this level, calling seems kinda weak just cause there are gonna be tough post flop spots where you can easily make mistakes against AK being OOP. but 5 bet shoving also isn't that great because his calling range is like QQ-AA IMO. So at these stakes you MIGHT actually be able to fold to a 4 bet with JJ but of course he can easily get it in with AK so the shove is fine? i guess. But I'm not a pro or anything so these are just my thoughts, its a tough spot at these stakes though cause players don't really out of hand. and if they do its usually just a random HUGE raise with juke if they wanna get crazy, not a small raising war back and forth, i think they always have it in those spots.


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      The only reason I stacked off is because of the positions. I didnt feel comfortable about it but I couldnt call the 4bet as we were not deep enough, and JJ is such a strong hand in that position.

      While the stat line doesnt say it, he may not have 3bet in the 37 hands, but he had 4bet 3 times. So I think he was capable of doing it with less than just AA-QQ.



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