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Facing a 3b with JJ

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  • Facing a 3b with JJ

    I have not seen the V 3b. I have seen 25 with stats 25/18/0. I have put the V on AA,KK,QQ,AK. I cant see him 3b with less, what do you think

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    Think you fold is correct. Sure he could be doing this with worse than JJ and be simple squeezing b/c off the limp and the minraise but most 3bets mean business


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      How come we dont set mine? We need what, 1:15 so we need opp to have stack of at least 2.10$, thats like almost, but remember you have two more players to act behind you and this gives you massive implied odds if you call.
      Also, cant see why villain would not 3bet TT here given the limper and min raise. And if both of them flat or anyway you get to the flop, you have position on him.


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        Hi Michae,

        I don't like folding, because I feel like we can profitably call here. We have implied odds of 14.5-1 on a call if both other villains fold, and one or both of them might come along as well.

        I don't think we can assign such a tight 3B range, even though it's his first one, with only 25 hands in total we've got less than 3 orbits of data (and he would not have an opportunity to 3B someone in many of those hands as well), so the sample is just too small to derive any info about how loose or tight he 3-bets.

        The one thing that does argue for a tight 3B range here is the positions and sizing, he's OOP and this sizing is very large, so it looks pretty strong to me in this spot... which means cold 4-betting JJ is probably going to be pretty bad here... we will get action from QQ+/AK and JJ doesn't play well against that range, and fold out most of the worse stuff. And how much worse stuff he's actually holding is unclear and maybe not a lot.

        So I think calling is our best option, and go from there. It's not a true set mine since we can win sometimes with JJ unimproved post flop, but how we proceed there will depend on if others come along, the board texture, villains actions and bet sizing, don't really want to get into details on the myriad of variables on what do we do post flop if X, Y, or Z happens because we could go through a few alphabet's worth of scenarios.
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          thanks for the input. I find I have a lot of problems facing 3bets, I lose my nerve a lot like in this hand and im not very good with implied odds this are some things I would like to work on



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