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2NL 6max Zoom - The 100bbs shove

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  • 2NL 6max Zoom - The 100bbs shove

    No info on villain it was the second hand. I've been snap calling the 100-150 bbs flop shoves and been right. This was a bit bigger. I was tilting and snap called. Of course, the session was going wrong and i was dead. Is it a fold? Can it be a fold when session is going bad or is that being results oriented?

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    Hi MrFlopes!

    I like your preflop raise on the limper, but 15 cents is too heavy against an unknown. With AA we are raising for value and want to get called. Make it 8 cents or so. By going as big as you did you risk getting too many folds.

    Postflop, this is about the worst board you can imagine. You have two black aces on an all heart low board. On monotone boards in general, and here in particular, I usually check my whole range on the flop. Very few turns or rivers will help your hand, but may help the villains. He might have a flush or be drawing to a flush. By checking you might be able to call one small bet from the villain in hopes of getting to the river.

    The same is true if you had lets say AK of hearts. I would often check and hope the villain bets rather than leading out on this board.

    As played, you bet and get an ai raise I would fold every time. This isn't a spot where I would expect the villain to be bluffing with air. They will normally have a strong hand such as a set, a weak flush, an overpair with a flush draw etc. You only have one pair. Even if the villain is semi-bluffing lets say with a pair and flush draw, you will need to dodge a ton of bullets on the remaining streets. Note, if you were in position and the villain checked to you, you could take a stab at the pot, but need to shut down to any action. Checking behind even in position is still probably the best line on monotone boards where you have the wrong color.

    In general, I wouldn't recommend snap calling 100bb+ shoves unless you have the nuts. Anything less than the nuts and I would at least give the spot some serious thought before calling. In this hand, you have an easy fold though.

    Your mindset wont impact how the cards fall. However, at 2NL I would strongly recommend focusing on value only lines (no bluffing, bluff catching) when running cold (actually all the time). This cuts down on variance and is a profitable strategy for 2NL.

    GL and have fun at the tables!

    Roland GTX


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      Really nothing more to add about the hand, Roland did a great job with analysis here.

      I would say however that if you know you are tilting you should stop playing. Go take a walk or watch a funny tv show, anything you can do to get your head level again.

      About six or eight months ago I watched a video by Gareth called Tiltlessness, and it really helped me wrap my mind around why we tilt and how to approach hands without expectations and just play the situation the best way I could.

      I tried to post the link for that video here but I could not find it in the archive, if anybody has it and could post it for you here I recommend watching it.

      good luck at the tables

      John, AKA FireMedic815
      Tournament of Champions Winner 2014

      4 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Roland Thx for the great review. There is an error on my first post. I meant to say i 've been snap calling 50bbs flop shoves, not 100. This was a first and it was pure tilt. The fingir just went click by itself. I don't even know were the big raise pre came from. That makes no sense. FireMedic815, the irony is that i was meant to leave 10 hands ago. I recognise i was tilting and ready to leave, but i use to play sets of 500 hands and was on 490. Costly 10 hands. Never to soon to leave when tilting umbup:
        Last edited by MrFlopes; Mon Jan 06, 2014, 04:10 PM.



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