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10Nl 6-max Zoom AA

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  • 10Nl 6-max Zoom AA

    Hi, villain is playing 24/19/4 over just 79 hands. How should I play the flop ? Cheers!

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    I think the line you take here is dependent on your style of play.

    Personally I like your cb otf and the sizing.
    However in the back of my mind, I would be saying as im cbetting that if i get raised, im dumping this hand. As I expect the only things calling my 3b pf would be hands that are not comfortable 4b and getting it all in pf such as TT/JJ/QQ/KK(some people are that tight!)/ but also AK

    So maybe we get a call from AK or QQ otf, but all in all, this would be a two street value hand imo, if i do not get raised.


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      hi FP,

      I think we can largely rule out KK from his range since he didn't 4-bet preflop. So the questions we need to answer are:

      -Will he 4B with AK or simply flat our 3B preflop?
      -Does he slowplay monsters like a set on the flop?

      If the villain always 4b's with AK pre, then he's basically only repping JJ and 66. If he doesn't slow play flops with big hands, then it's consistent with the sets.

      I'm actually inclined to let this go personally. It's close, but my reasoning is a player who just flats AK pre instead of 4-betting it, probably is not then putting in a big raise on the flop here... they are probably calling again in position (what worse hands can we hold to call their raise?). So I'm thinking AK is not really in their value raising range on the flop much, which leaves JJ, 66, and maybe some semi-bluffs (the only one really there given the preflop action is AQ).

      If we are going to include AK is his range to play this way both pre and on the flop, then we should probably be getting it in here, but I'm feeling like that's optimistic. We've show a lot of strength, and he doesn't care. It's not a great spot for us imo.
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