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3bet JJ on BB 5NL zoom

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  • 3bet JJ on BB 5NL zoom Villain : vpip36 /pfr 36 /3bet 25 in 14 hands Pre: Villain (UTG) bets 3BB Hero (BB) : 3bets 7BB Villain calls I 3bet because he looked quite loose. I kept it rather small hoping he would call with his entire range but raise his top range as he would like a bigger pot. Flop Hero: c-bet 65%pot for value Villain : raises potsize It was more or less what I expected and my plan was to 3bet. He could well have QQ-KK-AA-1010 but also lots of hands I beat, AK, AQ, AJ, A10, all other pockets, flushdraws. (22 and 33 would be sick) so I 3bet. Hero 3bets 2 x villain's bet. What do you think of the 3bet? Is this a good spot ? Should the betsize be bigger ? Villain 4bet shoves. After much tanking, I decided to call. I had to put 2.60 into a pot of 7.50, 33%. I figured I had a way better change than 33% except against 10-10, QQ, KK, AA. Correct call?

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    Hi rkleefstra,

    I think 3betting JJ vs UTG is kind of ambitious. UTG has the tightest range of all and their continuation range will always have us crushed. 14 Hands does not allow us to conclude that the villain is loose unless there is some read you had on him from a previous hand when you saw him open and call a 3bet from UTG with a hand like 77. The way I would have played this hand is just call preflop, and x/c. Also, if I were to raise I would just stick to a standard 3bet sizing of 3x +1bb for being OOP. Hope this helps!



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