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10NL: QJs in SB

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  • 10NL: QJs in SB

    Limper plays 72/4 (87 hands) & player who iso-raises is 30/22 (255 hands). Perfectly reasonable call here pre-flop? Is donk-betting here reasonable? I call river as think I'm good here at least 25% of time. Have I overplayed my medium-strength hand here?

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    I'm not a huge fan of calling Out of Position preflop with basically any hand in this dynamic. You're always going to be guessing what V5 has while V6 is going to have the initiative against you. I'd rather either 3Bet or fold my entire range, maybe with the exception of small-medium pocket pairs and hope to setmine.

    I think the donkbet is reasonable if you're trying to target the calling station for value. The only problem is that you're bloating the pot when you don't really know where you stand. You also don't yet know if the preflop aggressor has got a better J, an overpair or a set. I also don't really like check/calling, check/raising or check/folding which is why I don't like to play too many hands out of position!

    When you get two calls and the turn is blank, I think it's very rare that your hand is good anymore, so I'd probably just check/fold, maybe check/call if there is a small bet from the calling station.

    I think when such a passive villain calls two streets in a multiway pot and makes a value bet on the river, your hand isn't good 25% of the time, so I'd just fold. I'd probably be willing to call a bet up to say $2 because people sometimes try to take the pot away with a missed draw like KQ with a scared bet size like this.


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      I would play it the same with where the fish is seated and fold to a raise by the guy isolating, on the river i would bet fold depending on how bad he is, ive shoved this river vs some players and got looked up by some terrible hands but i have notes for that.

      If you check the river though i think you should fold vs this type of player he isnt betting worse J, the only time you can check call vs a fish is if he will bluff missed draws.



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