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2nl Zoom Small PP

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  • 2nl Zoom Small PP

    Standard flat PFR to try and flop a set cheap. flop raise looks strong but i still think my hand is too strong to fold here? looking back i think this is an easy fold on the turn, theres a lot i beat here but im looking at a tie at best and his flop min raise turn lead screams flush, easy to say fold when looking back i guess :/ Need an experts opinion to back me up Only 7 hands on villain - 43/29 Ads

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    Originally posted by adsthepro777 View Post
    flop raise looks strong but i still think my hand is too strong to fold here?
    Too strong? Seriously? UTG raises, you and the blinds cold call. SB donks, BB raises. How can a open-ended straight flush fraw and a back door small boat draw be strong? The flush and straight draws are most assuredly dead. You are likely up against a non-nut flopped flush, unless they have no idea what they are doing.

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      I believe you should have folded this on the flop. Sure, you have 2 outs to the supernuts, but that's about it. Your 8 str8-outs may not give you the best hand so cannot be taken into account for the full 8. I'd say you have 4-6 outs. You had to pay 32 to call a reraise while you are not sure you close the action. This is a pretty easy fold to me.


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        Straight flush draws can be deceptive. As pointed out above, you could be drawing to 1 or 2 outs on the flop. Instead of just thinking "I could make a straight or flush", ask yourself what hands you're likely to be up against. You could make a straight and lose to a flush, and you could make a flush and still be crushed by a better one. Given there is heavy action in front of you, the flop is a fold.
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          I remember I went through a stage early in my poker career where I would NEVER fold a straight flush draw, I always equated it with the nuts. I've no idea how much money it cost me when I kept missing, but boy does it feel good when you hit a straight flush or royal flush!

          Anyway I think that most of the crux of this has already been said. The fact is that you have an up and down straight draw when somebody might already hold a flush. The other thing to consider is that with four people seeing the flop, it is very likely that at least one of them holds an ace, so you're actually likely missing outs already. Your flush draw is a waste of time, unless your straight flush comes, you're likely going to be behind someone.

          With a bet and a raise, I would just fold. You're not even closing the action and V2 may come back over the top.

          As played, the decision OTT is an awful one to have to make. If you're going to call OTF I suppose you have to call and then fold to any further aggression either OTT or OTR.

          I suppose in isolation you might get worse hands to call a turn shove, particularly Ac or a 3 without a club. However when you take into account all the aggression that V3 has shown throughout the hand, I don't really like this play.



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