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Showed Weakness on the Turn

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  • Showed Weakness on the Turn

    I think that I played well enough Preflop and Postflop in this hand showing aggression and trying to defend my hand. I think I showed weakness however once he called my check-raise Postflop and played poorly on the Turn and River. Villains Stats: VPIP/PFR/Agg. F 36/36/2.5
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Any thoughts? Raiser umbup:

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    In general terms, after check-raising a flop, you should be betting the turn roughly 100% of the time, in my opinion. You should be barrelling with both made hands and bluffs, since worse hands can call your valuebets, and better hands will sometimes fold to a second barrel bluff.

    On this particular board, you have the effective nuts on the flop, and the turn does nothing to change that, so the turn is a clear bet for value.

    Personally, I don't particularly like the flop check-raise. You hand doesn't need to be protected on this super-dry board, so I'd be happy to check-call, keeping the pot medium-sized and letting an aggro villain bluff off his chips.
    Bracelet Winner


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      Hiya Raiser!

      I don't particularly love the 3bet preflop, sizing wise. I think if I were to 3bet here I would make it atleast 1.3$; We could also call depending on the player in the BB, but I think 3betting for value is okay especially that effective stacks are around 150bbs which means the BTN can call us lighter in which case we would be 3betting for value here.

      Like Arty, I don't like the flop x/r either. It's because there are so few hands that we are going to x/r here. Cbetting I think is a better option because it would also balance our line when we bluff bet this flop. Again, this is a super dry flop and our opponent (looks like we don't have too much of a sample on them) will not give us too much credit and will call here with like PPs below TP, sometimes floats with AK, etc. x/r will shut them down completely for just 1 street of value.



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