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25NL 6Max - Flopped trips with weak kicker

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  • 25NL 6Max - Flopped trips with weak kicker

    Villain: 20/15 AF: 1.41 (278 hands) All my notes indicate that he's pretty straightforward and pretty nitty. After the hand I thought that I probably should've checked back the turn, as his calling range from the Big Blind probably doesn't include many worse aces than I have, therefore I'm just value-owning myself if I go for three streets of value. Should I have just checked back the river or is bet/folding the better line? I can get worse Ax to call three streets, but I'm not sure how many of those are in his range.

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    I bet he dont have no worse Ax in his range than you when he calls in a HU pot OOP in the BB, though i could be wrong, i would check flop and bet turn and river folding to a raise.

    That is this worst run out ever 99 JJ TT and most his big Ax hands are FH and he will never show up with KQ.
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      Hello, and happy new year
      I have one question , What are you value betting OTR?
      If I have no answer to that question I check there . Other way it's bet fold for me and I don' make my value bets as 30% of pot. I don't want bluffs to be in his hand range. if he never bluffs It's good sizing .
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        Preflop I think it's very close but I would mostly fold A7o from that position, depending on how tight/loose the blinds are.

        As the texture of this board is very dry I like going for 2 streets of value against tighter villains like this one. Could be bet/check/bet or bet/bet/check, but I guess betting a third time OTR here can be too thin as 9x or smaller pairs are usually not calling. You can't really represent too many bluffs so checking back now seems the most decent option.

        Bet/folding is good now as played, don't think you will get bluffed here with a river check/shove.
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          Thanks for the feedback guys.

          Betting three streets was definitely not good - I just went into an auto-pilot mode of thinking that I flopped trips and should bet three streets for value, without really ranging villain properly.



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