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25NL 6Max Zoom - River bluff on flush

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  • 25NL 6Max Zoom - River bluff on flush

    Villain - 53/41 (17 hands) All his stats are hyper-aggressive but over a very small sample size. Since it was checked round OTF, I decided to try and take the pot there and then as I might have had the best hand which would be difficult to play on future streets. Maybe I was better off just checking and seeing a free turn? As played I decided to call the check/raise, assuming he had a set or a flush draw. I don't think he'd check/raise a small overpair and I guess he would 3Bet his big overpairs preflop in line with his aggressive tendencies. I might also be able to rep a flush draw depending on how the rest of the hand proceeded. Again I decided to call the turn - maybe not the best as my outs might be dirty. Then the flush card came. The villain took a little bit longer than before to bet and then bet quite small. I just felt that this looked really weak and that he didn't like the flush draw that had just come in. So I decided to shove, even though he's getting great odds to call. I think I've got different options on every street - I'd be interested to hear what people think.

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    I just bow in utter respect...umbup:


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      He is super aggressive so why not to get it in OTF? OTR you represent a flush when super aggressive guy might have it them self I would fold OTF or max OTT
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        Considering villain's multiway x/r his range will probably contain a ton of good flushdraws and very strong hands himself. We also do not block any clubs and represent a flush only with this play. All in all even though it could work at least some % of the time I don't like the chances of making him fold OTR too often to make it a +EV play.

        Calling flop is good, OTT I think you don't have enough equity to continue against a strong range unless you turn more profit making your hand or bluffing successfully when you miss some % of the time. Given that you draw to a very obvious outs I feel like folding is best OTT.
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