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25NL 6Max Zoom - Small overpair in 3Bet pot

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  • 25NL 6Max Zoom - Small overpair in 3Bet pot

    Unknown villain. I never know how to play spots like these. I feel that my hand might often be best and be too strong to fold. I don't really like calling because I'm out of position and without the initiative. I also don't particularly like raising as I'm probably just going to fold out the hands that I'm beating while inducing more action from hands that are ahead of me. Could I solve all these problems by just folding preflop?

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    Hey spand,

    folding preflop is definitely an option although if villain 3-bets you on a more regular basis (as it may be the case with BU vs CO confrontations) 99 becomes a little too strong of a hand to fold.

    I dislike 4-betting as it somehow negates the value and playability of our hand a bit but it does give you initiative and take down the pot preflop quite a bit which may also be profitable as such.

    Given that you started the hand with a little deeper effective stacks I think calling is fine. From there you have to play some postflop poker, no way around it.

    Raising flop definitely has some protective merits but it mostly a) fails to get value from too many worse hands on this dry of a board (continuing ranges will be mostly made up of better hands or ones with high equity like flushdraw + overs) and b) may also put you in a tough spot if villain were to shove with a flushdraw or even naked overcards not figuring you for a strong hand when you raise this kind of dry flop. You might end up folding valuable equity in that case.

    Either way it's a tough spot and I think the best way to maneuver through it is to call flop, wait for different turncards + action and then make a decision. A lot of people will be reluctant to fire too many 2nd bullets on different "bad" turncards allowing you to show down at least some of the time.
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