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JJ on btn 5NL max zoom

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  • JJ on btn 5NL max zoom Villain: 21/13/2.3 in 119 hands hero holds on BTN Pre: Villain bets 3BB on CO hero 3bet to 9BB Villain calls Flop: Villain check Hero bets 2/3 pot Villian calls Turn Villain bets 50% pot Hero calls river Villain bets 25% pot (and is all-in) Hero calls Should I have flatted pre? I think JJ is good enough to raise for value against a CO-bet. am I wrong? I had to bet the flop didn't I? His check looked weak icm with his preflop call. His call made me think he might have Kx. The turn made Kx less likely and made my hand look better so I called. Should I have raised here and fold to shove? river: Just didn't believe he had the . I couldn't fold my boat to a 25%pot bet. Was this foldable? I think I messed up turnplay...but the rivercall was mandatory
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    A 3-bet is pretty standard here unless the villain is an absolute nit

    On the turn they donked 1/2 their stack. This only makes sense to me if it's a value bet.


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      Hi rk,

      Firstly, with an opponent playing somewhat tight I think flatting JJ in position is fine, and it's often better than 3-betting if it will fold out a lot of the worse hands he's opening with. It's tough to know without some key stats, like CO steal and fold to 3b, but in 119 hands we don't really have enough data for these. If the guy had a CO steal of 32% (up from 13% PFR over all) and a fold to 3B of 45%, then that would mean he's opening lighter than normal by a wide margin in this position and doesn't like to fold pre, so I'd 3B him with JJ all day for value. If his CO open is 15% (he's still opening his normal fairly tight raising range) and his F3B is 88%, then I would never 3B JJ here and always flat it. Given the limited stat line we do know, I lean towards flatting personally.

      Second, the hand typed action you provided does not match the boom player... in the boomed hand the villain doesn't check/call the flop, he check/raises. When we get check-raised on such a dry board, I think it's safe to give up JJ immediately right there, villain is going to have AK or KQs a high % of the time, or a slow played AA. As played just fold to the turn bet... if he was making a move with the check/raise, our call there should have slowed him down considerably and he would not expect us to be folding now on this turn card.
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        man, did I really miss that check raise on the flop ??? oke, major screw up.

        Guess it was too late when I reviewed my session and thoought this hand was interesting to get analysed.



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