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NL2$ 6-max KK, QQ, JJ Losing pocket pairs - could I have limited my loss ?

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  • NL2$ 6-max KK, QQ, JJ Losing pocket pairs - could I have limited my loss ?

    These 3 hands are all played in the same session. Hand 1 (JJ) villain_5 VP:82 PR:6 AFq:47 AF:1 (17) villain_1 VP:33 PR:33 AFq:100 AF:infinite (3) : I don't really have information on the villains. I wonder if my agression was correct, specifically bet sizing or should I have taken a more prudent approach. I am wondering if my play was correct (regardless the result) Hand 2 (QQ) villain_2 VP:31 PR:10 Afq:40 AF:1.33 (29) villain_5 VP:86 PR:2 Afq:38 AF:0.97 (44) After a 3-bet pre-flop, villain is following through with a large bet. As his stack is small, I decide to play his all-in as I will call the bet on the turn anyhow, regardless of the turncard. I also hope to get the crazy loose player along so that when I lose from villain_2, I might recuperate some from villain_5. Now I wonder that the reraise might just have shut him down and a call might have been better. I'm also wondering about my call preflop cause of the small stack of the opponent. Should I just have folded my hole cards ? Hand 3 (KK) villain_2 VP:41 PR:18 AFq:42 AF:1.33 (17) villain_6 VP:5 PR:5 Afq:25 AF:infinite (19) Also not a lot of info on these villains, although villain_6 has shown some high agression before. That is also the reason why I didn't make much of his raise on the turn; I didn't believe the flush... I am wondering here about the bet sizing. As both stacks are fairly small, I am wondering if I was betting too hard, effectively giving me no option as to call the shove. Any input about bet sizing welcome Additional info: I played 143 hands with these stats VP:18 PR:15 AFq:55 AF:2.50 Am I playing too agressive ?

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    Hi Betsizer,

    Welcome to the forums!

    Please only post one hand per thread as it can be difficult tot keep track of multiple hands in the same thread.

    Hand 1

    I think your preflop raise size is great - you want to play for value with such a strong hand as JJ.

    I like your bet size on the flop - it's nice and big to extract value from worse pocket pairs, flush draws and random non-pair hands (Probably A-high hands) that might call one street of betting.

    The 9 on the turn doesn't change much so I like your decision to continue betting and also like the sizing. There's no reason to yet think you're behind.

    The river isn't the best card, but also not the worst. I think now that your opponent has been left with less than a pot sized bet, you can either check/call, check/fold or go all in. Against an unknown opponent, I think being aggressive is best to extract value from medium pocket pairs that are putting you on A-high - I much prefer this line to check/calling. If you're going to check, I'd do it with the intention of check/folding.


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      Hand 2

      I like the preflop raise - and now you're facing a 3Bet from villain starting with 50BB. I think against a short-stack 3Bet, you have two options, either to 4Bet to try and get rid of V5 and get it all in preflop against V2, so you can 4Bet to something like $0.55. The other option is to flat call and keep weaker hands in his range.

      You've hit a pretty safe flop for QQ, so when V2 goes essentially all in, I think you have to at least call. I'd just go all in here and hope for V5 to call with some sort of draw or 9x type hand that he won't fold.

      I think V2 plays TT and JJ the same way as he's played his AA - these are the kind of spots you sometimes just have to pay your opponents off and be grateful that they didn't have a full stack!


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        Hand 3

        Regarding bet sizing, I prefer to raise preflop 3x the BB, but I think 4x is fine, just play around with these until you find something you're comfortable with.

        Again I like the way you played this. It's difficult to put V6 on a set because he should really be raising a set on such a wet flop and in a multiway pot. FWIW if he did raise on the flop, I think you'd have to put him all in as he could be raising with one of many draws or a lower pocket pair, so I think you'd be ahead a lot of the time.

        On the turn, any flush draws come. However you have outs to a K-high flush which might be good and there's no saying that villain was on a flush draw. I'd just go all in here, but it doesn't make much difference. If you wanted to bet/fold, you should've made your flop bet smaller so you can then bet 1/2 pot on the turn and fold to a raise.


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          Thank you, I appreciate the analysis. Seems not too bad then but for hand 3 I might have taken a safer line. It's a good pointer to plan ahead (I should do that a bit more )
          Thank you



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