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10NL 6-max Zoom QJs OOP

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  • 10NL 6-max Zoom QJs OOP

    Hi, villain is unknown. Should I call the turn bet ? And a blank river as well ? I felt that there was a lot of hands that beats me (TJ,KJ,AJ) I only beat his draws and Tx. But the bet size sound more like draws of hand that I beat. This is usually a tough spot for me against a unknown. What should be our default line here ? Cheers!

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    His bet OTF looks like a standard c-bet to me. I would have liked to see a 3bet right there in stead of a flat call. If you get 4bet/shoved: fold.

    OTT nothing really changed so if you call the flop, it would be odd not to call this bet as well.
    (Keep in mind, I would have c-bet flop so you wouldnt be in this position. If he called the 3bet and fired again OTT it would be a clear fold).


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      I'm not sure about raising the flop.
      he's gonna fold all his Tx and Jx hands that I beat. And he might even re-raise with his draws, which I'd be folding the best hand.


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        I don't mind the call preflop - closing the action and keeping the pot under control. If the villain had a high CO steal, you could certainly 3Bet this hand also.

        I think against nearly all villain types you should check/call two streets. I don't think you should really be looking to bloat the pot OOP and encourage Tx or 99-77 to fold. I don't think you'd really often get KJ or AJ to fold either.

        I think whether you check/call the river on a blank card is very villain dependent. If you think he's capable of firing three barrels with Tx or J9 or complete air, then you can call. However I think most villains don't have three barrels in them so if an unknown a decent third barrel, then you can likely assume he's got a better J or an overpair and just fold.



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