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Preflop spot. Cold call or raise?

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  • Preflop spot. Cold call or raise?

    Against readless players, default is raise, right? If he calls, then it is kinda awkward position if we dont hit. He will have 40bb and pot will be 30bb. If we push this hand preflop, maybe we avoid tought spot postflop and increase fold equity (taking 8bb pot preflop). If player is stacking off preflop I expect to have 45% on average(assumption that he will stack off mostly with big pairs, AK, and suited facecards some of the time). Do I apply too narrow range for him in this spot? I'd call this one in order to take his stack when we both hit A or K, even if he don't hit I expect him to bluff all Kxx flops and some Axx. Cutoff cuts our EV a bit, when he binks his longshot hand. But maybe calling is the optimal play ? How should this hand go?
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    Hi morduk,

    I would 3 bet to 90 cents and call a shove here.

    Reasoning why 3 betting is better than calling here imo:
    As you mentionend AK (especially offsuite) does not play to great if we miss the flop and we are oop for the rest of the hand which makes it even harder to play, so if we raise we often get a fold or a shove right now and end the action preflop. Futhermore the villain 6 does not have a fullstack (only 60 BB) so he might stack off lighter mainly with AQ here.

    Reasoning why 3 betting to a "standard size" is better than a shove imo:
    Shoving would be fine if the villain 6 only had 2 bucks imo but 3 is a bit to much, if you raise to a rather small threebetsize oop like 90 cents you might get him to shove AQ for value or maybe even some AX as a bluff, since he might think he has fold equity. Furhtermore he might call with dominated aces AT - AQ that he will fold to a shove. So he will play less optimal vs your 3-bet, even though you are likely to make some postflop mistakes as well if he calls, cause of the reason stated in the preceding paragraph.


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      You folded this pre flop? Why?

      Yes you have to raise here with the intention of playing a few streets whatever the board. I would probs bet somewhere around 70c-80c pre.


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        dont think he folded he just stopped the replayer before he acted.


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          All right then. If he calls and we miss, on what conditions should we put the rest money in? Are there any bad flops or good flops for it? Like the ones we have a bit more outs than 3 Kings and 3 Aces, and ones which completely miss - 649rainbow ?


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            Originally posted by morduk666 View Post
            All right then. If he calls and we miss, on what conditions should we put the rest money in? Are there any bad flops or good flops for it? Like the ones we have a bit more outs than 3 Kings and 3 Aces, and ones which completely miss - 649rainbow ?
            With AK, if he shoves to my raise pre I snap. If he flats my .70c raise pre I am c-betting any flop around $1.05-1.15, big enough to show good strength but not too big to look desperate if I have missed. I would never just shove the flop here, looks so weak. If he did flat pre then I can't be too worried about being behind masively pre as AA/KK would likely get it all in.

            You will always miss the flop two thirds of the time..........but then so will he if he has no pair.
            If the flop comes and his pair is relatively small then he may put the breaks on and fold to a c-bet if your perceived range hits. Also because of your action pre he should be wary that you may have a bigger pair or stronger ace than his.

            If you act firm and show strength then it asks the opponent the question and puts pressure on them.


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              You're facing an unusually large raise from V6. Judging by his short stack and bet size, he is probably a recreational player. Whenever I see such a large preflop bet, this is usually some sort of pocket pair that they don't want to see a flop with.

              I think flat-calling with AK OOP is a mistake. You might be up against two opponents and will probably just have to check-fold if you miss, not the outcome you want. AK is a very strong hand preflop and I'd 3Bet for value, making it somewhere between $0.80-$0.90. I'd also be happy to play for stacks if V6 decides to 4Bet shove.

              The good thing about 3Betting PF is that you can sometimes CBet bluff your opponent off the pot if you miss or A or K OTF. V6 will likely be very cautious about losing what is likely his last money total and will just fold if he hasn't flopped a set or a pair if he has high cards.



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