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Zoom 2nl - AK

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  • Zoom 2nl - AK

    Hi guys, Please can you analyse my hand below. No reads on villain; first encounter. Maybe I should have checked the turn, and allowed villain to bluff on the river, and call a reasonable sized bet - do you think? Cheers, Pullin

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    As played, I am calling river, he can have worse. KQ/KT type hands.

    I think bet/fold on each street is ok. We have TPTK against an unknown. He might have hit the flush. Might have KJ or random two pair. Sets are possible too of course.

    I think he bet because we gave up and it was reasonable bet size to call but I would have bet something like that and folded if he raised.


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      Maybe there's an argument for shoving the turn here? The board hasn't paired yet an against a player with a 30% VPIP range we an almost 89% favorite to win the hand here. Hard to say without reads and by just calling your opponent did not give away too much information. Did he flop a stronger made hand than you (Trips)? , was he on a draw to a flush or maybe he flopped middle pair. I would have probably put out another bet on the river and folded to a re-raise. It will be good to see what the hand analysers say on this one. Raiser umbup:


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        With Raiser on this, why not shove the Turn?


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          Shoving the turn just value-cuts yourself. Made flushes snap call, worse kings fold.

          Bet-fold river. Check-guessing is not profitable.
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            Hi guys,

            Thanks for the input. I thought by betting the turn Villain might fold anything, but possible flushes and maybe the odd hand that I dominate - a weaker king. Just wasn't sure what to do. And in terms if relative strength I had TPTK which went down in strength when the flushes were made (on the flop, when he called my flop bet, the flush draw was there and part of his range)

            Arty, can you elaborate by what you mean by check guessing? I thought on the river if I bet again I would fold out all but flushes, slow played sets, and maybe a slightly weaker king.

            Any reasoning in what I am saying?

            Last edited by pullin1988; Sun Dec 29, 2013, 09:34 PM.


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              Your relative hand strength definitely falls on the turn, as there are some flush draws in villain's range. Notice, however, that you have the in your hand, and the is on the board, along with the . That doesn't leave many flushes in villain's range. Usually, the only flushes villain has are QTs, T9s, 98s, 87s, 65s, all in hearts. So you're losing to 9 combos of slowplayed sets and just 5 combos of flushes, but you have 7 outs even if that's what villain has. You're beating all Kx hands apart from KJ. The river doesn't really change much. You were already losing to sets and KJ, but you're still beating KQ/KT/K9, and maybe some random floats by Tx or medium pairs with a heart By check-guessing, I mean some players will check and then make their decision to call or fold based on the bet-size a villain chooses. The problem with checking is that villain will bet here with several hands that beat you and several worse hands (like KQ/KT and some random bluffs), but you just don't know how strong he is. His bet-size won't be a reliable indicator of the strength of his hand. If you bet, then villain will call with worse hands (KQ/KT), giving you some value, and raise with flushes and boats, allowing you to fold, absolutely certain that you made the right decision. You don't have to bet very big on the river. One third of pot, as a kind of blocking bet, is often fine. It prevents you from being bluffed off the best hand. You'll get value from worse, but also find out pretty quickly if you're beat. Check-folding is too weak imo. It loses the minimum if you're beat, but it also allows villain to win the pot when he bets with ATC. You can't make a habit of check-folding the river with TPTK if you want to make money in the long run. Waving the white flag gives the villain in position carte-blanche to steal every pot. So bet(-fold) and give villain the tough decision.
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